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Aug 03, 2015

Which whey protein to take?

sayantan paul weight- 66kgs (current) (*reduced from 102kgs to 66 kgs) height- 5'5" age- 18 years    This is me Sayantan Paul. I have query regarding which protein supplements to take. I was looking at some muscleblaze products on HK. What is whey protein pro (i saw it consists of BCAA, Protein, Glutamine, Creatine and many more) where as whey protein normal one didn't contain any. then comes whey isolate and whey active. should i go for whey protein pro as it consists of all thing?. but it also says for bulking which creates more confusion. I am willing to by the middle of this month please help me. and one more thing.. do i need to take any fat burner with whey protein? Will i gain fat as i have fat gaining tendency (i gain fat if i only take water). But what if I buy Whey isolate of muscleblaze then do i need to take BCAA with it?? And is it necessary to to take BCAA along with Muscleblaze Whey Protein Veg?  And if i take muscleblaze whey protein pro without taking whey isolate or whey protein veg, would i gain fat? or will it work for me? which protein should i take ? whery protein, whey active, whey protein pro, or whey isolate. my budget for all this is 11000/- for 2 files. please help me.  
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Aug 04, 2015

Hi Paul Waoo... Unbelievable It is major change to loss 36 kg weight. According to height weight ration your max ideal weight should be 69kg. In this stage no fat burner is required in any kind. In ascending order mb protein 1 mb whey protein active 2 mb whey protein 3 mb whey protein pro 4 mb whey protein isolate I recommend mb whey protein and whey protein pro. Whey protein pro have completed package with all essential elements like bcaa ,creatine ,etc. There is no major need to add bcaa and glutomine with whey protein. Protein never make faty , it build muscle which is breakdown at workout. If you are very concise about little bit fat or cabs then you take whey isolated. Your calories intake should be 1052 kcl. Choose is your between protein pro or whey protein.

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thanks man!
the major differnce between whey protein pro and isolate is just the amount of protein? i guess! 
but the thing is should i go for isolate as has more protein? or whey protein pro?
what if i use 2 files of whey protein and then switch to whey protein pro. would it have any side effects? or if i switch from isolate to whey protein pro? i know its a silly question that switching form isolate to protein pro but u know man we must keep a check on our pocket too.'s picture
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Aug 04, 2015
Yes budget is main concern in middle class. And there is no side effects in switching for whey protein to pro or pro to isolated.. Whey isolate have maximum percentage of protein and it best for those people who have lactose intolerant problems. Whye isolate is purest form. All whey protein is good it is depend on body requirements. I think you go for whey protein or whey pro.
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thanks for ur advice!

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Aug 04, 2015


you will take isolate whey protein you give 90% whey protein in isolate whey protein and low cabs .

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Aug 10, 2015

Hey i think you should go for Whey ISOLATE along with this A box of BCAA and MB VITE too.

ISOLATE beacuse its a pure isolate protein which is not increase you fat %

BCAA- you should have it during your workout (SIP IT UP) which helps to recover & repair your muscle instantely

Mb VITE beacuse this gives you a proper supply of all vitamins & minerals.


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