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Apr 27, 2016

Why does muscleblaze or in this case bright pharmaceuticals use aspartame as sweetner when it is not used in any other whey brands and considering its danger?

In the recent past nearly all the nutrition and dietary supplement brands have stopped and refrained from using aspartame in any compund form what so ever. Aspartame as a sweetner has come into scrutiny for its dangers, now considering Bright pharmaceuticaks being aware of these happening still prefer to use this sweetner. I understand that the people at bright have done their research and only then produced their product in the market but why stick with a ingredient that may land them in trouble.  The competetion be it international or domestic do not use aspartame or claim not to use it.Its my humble request as a customer who supports indian manufacturing. Lose the aspartame and your protein will have increased trust of the customer.
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Apr 27, 2016


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Apr 27, 2016

Dear Aseem,

Yes, you are correct, Aspartame is a very dangerous chemical which may cause cancer.

Request you to bring it notice of Muscleblaze manufacturer's.

Wrire to them diectly get answer abs share it.

Take care be healthy.


Test altranebennur.saye... Apr 27, 2016

I feel they have migrated to Acesulfame Potassium instead of Aspartame.

Only few products are with Aspartame, but we should get answer.


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