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Sep 10, 2015

Why my muscles are not growing?

i hav been working for 2 years.. i strtd workout when i use to be 80 kgs thn i loose some weight.. nw im workng on my body(weight lifting) 1 year had passed but i cant see that desired muscle size..why im not growing? i hav used 3 jars of whey proteins 5lbs each... please help me out with this..
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Sep 10, 2015

Make sure that your protein intake should be 2 grm per Kg of body weight beacuse noe you are in advance stage.

Take 6 healthy and hight protein meals in  a day and Do your workout very intense and choose that weight which makes your last repetation failure becuse last three reps (When you don't have power to lift more) are most important in muscle growth.


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