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Jan 11, 2016

Why the hell you are selling in lbs? it's india. we deal in kg's and grams.

Can you please start using the Kg and gramsas a weight mesure for your products. It is high time now. If you want to sell in India become a Indian company first. Lbs is fine in Europe/U.S. I still feel that this is not an Indian site due to mesures in Lbs. I have not ordered anything since my last purchase. I go to local stores
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Jan 12, 2016


 All the supplements are FDA & FSSAI approved and these are the standard units followed world wide. And if you are talking about supplements in India then you can check the either healthkart or different website, in details category you would get to know the the product weight in Kilogram or Grams.

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Jan 13, 2016


See these whey protein powders are exported from USA, hungary and many other countries and that is why standar untits are used world wide. in case of supplements Lbs is used. and now in 21st century its is not at all difficult to convert Lbs to kgs. if u don't know the conversion rate then just google it. and if you are buying them for local store its good. but if you are buying the supplements with weight printed as 1kg or 2kg or 10 kg then am afraid you are buying a fake product. some indian companies sell their product by writing weight in kgs like SIX PACK Nutrition.


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