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Dec 12, 2015

Workout for increasing strength for powerlifting meet

hi,i am a budding powerlifter from allahabad and right now i am preparing for a bench press meet to be held in february 2016.....i am 27 yrs old and right now i am pausing at 170 kgs .....i am looking forward to bench atleast 185-190 kgs in that competition and for that i am looking forward to a workout plan and a diet plan for the bench press competition  
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Jan 12, 2016


 As you are preparing for a bench press meet , you need to increase the intake of protein 1.5 g per pounds, carbs 2 g per pound and atleast 100 gm fat throught the day which helps in providing energy.You need to do negative training and isometric bench workout alternative week which helps in building strength and stamina . 20 min of cardio with increased cyclintg and swimming would also be of great advantage. You can also club supplements along with it like creatine, Tribulus, whey protein , Ashwagandha etc which enhances your goal.


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