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World Health Day – Morning Healthy Routine To Stay Healthy

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

world health day 2021

Health is very important for a good life. Covid 19 has pushed many people into food insecurity, poverty, and health inequalities that have compromised our health and right to live a good life. On this international health day, WHO is making aware of a standard of health as a fundamental right of everyone. 

Happy World Health Day

World health day is celebrated on 7 th April every year. Over the past  few years, it brings health issues in notice including maternal health, child health, mental health, climate change, and others. The aim of celebrating world health day is to spread awareness on health by highlighting the priority area of concerns. And attract worldwide attention to such global health aspects. For world health day 2021 the campaign is to build a fairer, healthier world for everyone. Here are some morning routines to stay healthy. 

Morning Healthy Routine:  

World health day is celebrated on

For a better morning you need to follow some easy tips but persistently that you can start from the world health day celebrated on 7th april.  

  • Set An Alarm For Wake up: For it you have to prepare from night. You have to set an alarm for waking up in the morning and get the time to do your daily routine. 
  • Brush your teeth: As you get up early in the morning, the first thing you should do is brush your teeth that kills the harmful germs in your teeth. These germs are the cause of several diseases so always take care of the health of teeth in the first place to ensure overall health. 
  • Water Consumption: Water is crucial for better nutrient absorption. And nutrients are good for overall health and wellness. It is always better to start your morning with a glass of lukewarm water. You can add apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, Himalayan salt, or others to enhance the value of nutrients. It helps you to cut your fat and increase your metabolism rate that helps you to avoid unhealthy fats.
  • Exercises: Doing exercises in the morning helps you to stay energetic throughout the day. When you do exercise in the morning, you feel hungry often and you can’t miss the breakfast which is crucial for your health. Take a pledge to start doing exercises in the morning in this vishwa swasthya divas. 
  • Take a Bath: Taking a bath in the morning helps you to feel energetic and refreshed. Try cold water while taking a bath that helps your body to have a  good blood circulation. Along with that it helps you to get rid of the toxins that your body would have produced while sleeping. 
  • Healthy Breakfast: Don’t skip breakfast. And take a balanced diet in the meal including salads, milk, eggs, veggies, and others. By including these in your breakfast, you can enhance your moods and nourishment. You need not to be scared of getting fat as with such a plate full of healthy plates you increase your metabolism that converts the stored fats into energy. 

Incorporate all these simple morning routines and enjoy the healthy life. Wish a happy health day to the people around you and amplify the awareness of health.

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