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Sep 16, 2015

Would like to loose weight near abdomen and my muscle and build is fine.

Hi am Roy my height is 5'5 and weight is 66 and BMI 23 right now am on a Sherdding plan and for tht am like on a keto diet in which am having 170grms Protein per day and .56-.60 Carbs and rest Fats natural tho so the problem is reaching the 170 is getting hard max am goin up is till 150-160 how do i ajust in my diet my daily diet is (Mrng-Oats with 6almond&cashwes and canberries chia seeds sunflower seeds and flax seeds 2tbs and afternoon brown rice with chicken ya panner with bell pepers and mashrooms and evng sweet potatoes aft workout and night whole wheat bread with fish as if now having 6eggs) rest all Whey and Casein am covering the Protein. So kindly help me to make it perfect and i kept a gola for 4 weeks in which am almost dn with first week and am glad with my results but can make it beeter and faster with your help n guidence i hope...
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Sep 17, 2015

Hi Roy,

First you are following a good and clean diet which is definately a good thing because we all know that 70 % Our diet matters.


Do your abs workout with heavy weight as well as cut down simple carb , simple sugar, saturated fat, a lot of sodium from your diet, take small and frequent rich protein meals in a whole day. 

Or you can also go through the below link for you workout



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