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Sweeteners, India

Sweeteners prove to be the best solution in the replacement of table sugar. Different kinds of artificial sweeteners are available in the market which can be experimented as per choice. Some of them if exposed to extreme heat to the extent of 350 degrees may not taste good.

There are some which can sweeten cakes and pastries well. There can be many other brands that are also great to use but the original taste is not retained if it is refrigerated. When sweeteners are used these are some of the most important things that need to be kept in mind. With some recipes they may work well while with some they do not work as effectively.

It is only when you try the sweetener that you get to understand their effectiveness. After taste of saccharine is a bit bitter, that is used by bakers for baking ideally. There is no after taste if aspartame is used and when heated it does not taste sweet.  Hence when table sugar is replaced with sweeteners, the recipes need to be adjusted accordingly.  Features of sweeteners include:

  • Contain low calories
  • Enhance taste of recipes
  • Sweeten cakes and pastries truly well
  • Use quantity as per wish

It is best to look up the website of the product to get an idea on the sweetener price. You can check methods of using sweeteners and the way they can be adjusted to recipes. Most of the manufacturers provide proper equivalents needed to ensure use of sweeteners in recipes. Proper instructions are given on using adequate quantity of sweeteners in the recipes.

Besides this you could even talk to people who have been regularly using them in various kinds of food preparations. A good idea would be to jot down the adjustments you have made in using the product in different recipes. Some of the sweeteners available in the market include:

  • Sugar Free Gold Sachets
  • Splenda Tablets
  • Sugar Free Natural Pellets
  • Sugar Free Natura Powder
  • Sugar Free Natura Diet Powder
  • Splenda Packets
  • Splenda Granulated

Sweeteners do not retain any moisture, does not brown and tenderize easily like sugar in granular form.  Sucralose in granular form is considered perfect to use as no adjustments in recipes need to be made when used. As compared to sugar, saccharine is considered a bit different hence should be used in lesser quantities as recommended by the manufacturers. The biggest advantage of using sweeteners is that the calorie quantity can be well adjusted.