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Diabetic Foot Care

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Diabetes Foot Care

Diabetes has become a common illness now that 8 out of 10 people have it across the world. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, diabetic foot care is very essential as a small scratch or cut inflicted on the feet would cause serious medical complications and might demand rigorous weeks of treatments to make sure that your feet is free from the impact. This is possible as when you have diabetes, your blood circulation might be very low which would delay the healing process. If you are not taking proper care of your feet then it might even lead to permanent loss of limbs due to necessary amputation. Hence, it is essential for every one of you to perform diabetic foot care at least once in a day to stay happy.

What is diabetic foot care?

For those of you who are diabetic, you have to make sure that diabetic foot care is a regular regime in your lives. It is not a tedious process and you can allot a specific time towards diabetic foot care every day. This routine will ensure that your feet stays free from all damages and you get to notice even if there is a slight discoloration in the skin of the feet or a small blister or injury and tend to it immediately without having suffer later. Diabetic foot care is also essential as the shoes that you regularly wear to your work place would sometimes irritate the skin and cause blisters which, if left unattended, would cause deep wounds with vast side effects.

Why is diabetic foot care essential?

 Regular diabetic foot care is essential because if you are diabetic, you would develop a condition called peripheral neuropathy which causes numbness in your legs as the sensory nerves present in the legs are affected. This, in turn, would lead to major foot problems which might fail to catch your attention as you will not realize the pain until it becomes a serious condition. So you are required to perform a regular diabetic foot care such as foot massage with foot creams and gels that would help you to maintain your skin in your feet. Also sometimes you would experience pain in the toe or heel or at the inner part of your feet. In such cases you might find it difficult to walk. In such occasion you can opt for diabetic foot care  products such as toe spreaders or pads, cushions, comforters, supports and insoles to make sure that your pain is alleviated and your feet is relieved. You can also choose foot support and cushions made with silicon material to feel comfortable even while you are wearing shoes or other foot wears. You can also prevent your feet from becoming dry by using various nourishing foot creams that moisturizes the feet and its skin as part of your daily diabetic foot care. This would keep it safe from cracking as it would also prevent the incidence of triggering unwanted feet infection.

The best brands that offer diabetic foot care

Health Viva

Neat Feat


Amron Feather


Walk fit

West Coast

Foot favorites

Sally Hansen




Himalaya herbals




SOS Organics

Vedic Line







Clear Gel





Bruman Bang


Tips to buy diabetic foot care

When you are planning to purchase various items for your diabetic foot care make sure you make a list of what are the things you require based on the condition of your feet. This will enable you to purchase all the essential things at one go. Make sure you have an item essential for your daily diabetic foot care such as a nourishing lotion or cream to hydrates the skin, a foot scrub that will gently eliminate all the dead cells in your feet, various silicone pads to help you when you have sore feet, various salts which if used in a tub of hot water would offer instant relief to your aching legs, diabetic socks which would safeguard your feet while promoting blood circulation within the body and the right foot wear specially designed for diabetic patients like you. These foot wear is specially designed with high quality materials that feature anti germicidal and anti viral qualities to ensure that your feet stays clean in spite of sweating or walking. You can also find all in one diabetic foot care kit which are compact in nature as you can have all essential items in one package.. Always remember that performing a diabetic foot care is very important than your other work as it will enable you to maintain your health and live happily.