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Diabetes Testing Supplies

Testing supplies are a must for Diabetics to be able to monitor their daily blood glucose levels. India is the frontrunner when it comes to the maximum diabetes cases around the world. There are 2 main types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2 and testing supplies are a must in both to help maintain optimum blood sugar levels.

There are many diabetes testing supplies which helps screen your diabetes. Strips, meters and lancets are used to monitor diabetes as these devices diagnose the problem well and give 100% accurate reading. These gadgets can be self-administered and is easy to use and very little amount of blood is taken painlessly. One can learn how to use these testing supplies by asking for demonstration from the doctor.

Using these testing supplies is necessary to track your progress as a diabetic. Your blood sugar levels will rise and fall through the day. The reasons could be many – stress, exercises, changes in diet, illness or even changes in sleep patterns.  In a non-diabetic, the insulin levels in the body keep sugar levels in check. However, in a diabetic patient, your body is unable to adjust to these changes and your sugar level will go very high or very low in extreme conditions. So the best way to monitor that and to know whether you need insulin injections or medication, is to test your sugar levels are regular intervals through the day to track the pattern.

By being able to read your sugar levels before meals, after meals, before exercise or after exercise, you are better able to manage your diabetes in a way that it reduces risk of other illnesses, like foot problems, kidney failure, eye problems and others that are a result of poorly managed diabetes.

Why are testing supplies a good investment?

  • Meters or lancets are small digital apparatus, that can be carried with ease
  • Blood sugar test can be done anytime and anywhere. Ideally it should be done before and after a meal to keep a check on sugar levels.
  • Strips are chemically treated on which the blood sample is put
  • Eliminates the need to go to the doctor regularly to get sugar tests done

Since these testing supplies are very useful for diabetics, there are several brands that sell these. A few good options are:

  • OneTouch Ultra 2 Meter
  • J&J one touchUltra2
  • J&J OneTouch Select Simple Meter
  • Johnson & Johnson OneTouch Ultra 2 Combo For Diabetics

With the right diabetes testing supplies, it becomes a lot easier to manage diabetes and live a long healthy life even with this deadly disease.