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Looking for the Dumbbells? Buy dumbbell set online from the leading brands including B Fit USA, Fitsy, Strauss, and many others at very promising prices. With amazing products like B Fit USA Neoprene Dumbbell With ABS Box, Strauss PVC Dumbbell Set, and other gym accessories constructed of premium quality material to stay motivated always. Gym accessories come in very attractive boxes that are portable and easy to store under your bed, chair, or any suitable place. Even you can use  these high quality designed gym accessories in your office or home so that you will meet your fitness goals fastly. Depending upon your level of training, the brands have come up with various dumbbells sets with different weights. You can find these gym accessories in various colors also. So choose with your ease from your comfort before placing an order and train hard.

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Bring Home the Perfect Dumbbells Set For the Best Home Workout Routines

Dumbbells are the most commonly used gym equipment. Since they are very portable and versatile, you can even make use of them in the comfort of your home to reach your fitness goals easily. Depending upon your level of training, you can choose from different types of dumbbell sets and various brands that are available today.

High quality construction material, ergonomic design and affordability has made buying dumbbells online the best option for people who do not have the time to visit the gym every day to train. There are different weights like 3kg dumbbells to 10kg dumbbells and more that are ideal for a home gym set up.

Why is Free Weights Better?

Normally, there are two options when it comes to home gym equipment. You can buy machines like the treadmill and also opt for free weights that come in different forms like kettle bells, dumbbells and barbells. More and more fitness enthusiasts are turning to free weights these days for several reasons:

  • They help you gain strength faster: There are several studies to show that gym dumbbells actually help you gain strength faster and get the results that you want. Since the weights are not supported or assisted with dumbbells, there is a lot more focus on balance and posture. This helps you get results a lot faster. In case of machines, you also isolate the muscles that you want to train. However, with dumbbells or other free weights, you make use of multiple muscles each time, giving you a more overall workout and hence, speeding up the results.
  • Exercises with free weights imitate regular movements: When you use free weights, the exercise that you perform like squats, lunges or curls imitate the various movements we perform in our daily routine. Be it playing with kids, picking up groceries or other physical activities, you are essentially dealing with free weights. Therefore, you are able to incorporate the way your body moves naturally when you are using free weights. Of course, some machines are designed for these exercises as well. However, with machines there is a false sense of range of motion that your body is able to actually achieve because the weights are supported. For instance the way you perform a squat with a Smith Machine versus the way you use a barbell are entirely different. With free weights, you practice and improve ranges of motion that you are actually capable of in real life.
  • They are more convenient: The best thing about dumbbells is that they are portable and easy to store. This is why they are the best-suited fitness accessory for your home gym. You do not have to make too much space for them or even have to worry about having them installed or set up like gym machines. You also have more variety in terms of weight with options as heavy as dumbbell 20kg or as light as 1kg. You can even choose specific dumbbells for women and men depending upon the kind of exercise that they will be used for.

How to Choose The Right Dumbbells For Training?

At face value, it may seem that the only thing that you really need to worry about is the weight of the dumbbells. However, with new designs and gym dumbbell set varieties being released into the market each day, it is slightly more complicated that you would image. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you buy dumbbells:

  • The construction material: You have a bare iron or chrome dumbbell that is made entirely of metal. Then there are dumbbells with a rubber coating, which makes them less noisy and easier to store because they do not cause too much damage to the rack or shelf. You also have urethane dumbbells that are more premium in quality and longer lasting in comparison to the rubber ones.
  • The shape of the dumbbell: You have the traditional round dumbbells, which come with circular plates. Then you have the hex dumbbell, which has hexagonal plates that are thicker. The latter is becoming increasingly popular among different fitness equipment for a very simple reason. It does not roll away when placed on the floor. As a result, for those who drop and pick up weights more often in the course of their training regime, the latter is the best option.
  • Purpose of the dumbbell: For your home gym, you can choose the regular dumbbells if your workout regime is more conventional. However, if you are looking for lightweight resistance for functional and aerobic activities, studio dumbbells are the best option. You can find lower weights with these dumbbells. They are also coated with a layer of textured rubber for better grip, as they will be used for dynamic exercises in comparison to the regular dumbbells.
  • Fixed or adjustable: You also have the option of adjustable dumbbells, which come with a bar, and a set of plates. You can change the weights as you progress with your training. Fixed dumbbells are available in sets of two and do not allow you to alter the weight. The latter is more balanced, as the plates do not move. On the other hand, adjustable dumbbells are ideal for those who do not have enough storage space in their homes.

How to Maintain Dumbbells?

No matter what brand or dumbbell set price you choose, you need ensure that you maintain them well in order for them to last longer. Here are some tips on how you can keep your dumbbells clean and hygienic:

  • If you are using PVC, rubber, or vinyl dumbbells, you have the option of wiping them down using a mild soap solution. Vinyl dumbbells can be washed thoroughly and dried up later for best results.
  • For those using chrome dumbbells, it is recommended that you use a high quality protectant to wipe the clean. Make sure you use a dry cloth to remove the moisture completely.
  • With steel and iron dumbbells, wiping them with a dry cloth is the best option to keep them rust free. If the dumbbells are stored outdoors, it is a good idea to use a shaded place for steel and iron dumbbells to prevent rust.
  • Do not throw the dumbbells onto the floor after a heavy set. Make sure you learn the right technique to release the weights to prevent injuries and to protect the dumbbells.
  • To keep them free from scratches and wear and tear, always rack your dumbbells after training.
  • Find a suitable storage area if you are using the dumbbells in your home gym.

Top Selling Dumbbell Sets

There are certain brands that are known for their robust and easy to use dumbbell sets. You can compare the features of the following brands and then buy dumbbells online as per your requirement:

Body Maxx PVC Dumbbells Sets

  • You can get an overall body workout easily with the versatile dumbbell sets created by Body Maxx.
  • The Body Maxx PVC Dumbbell Sets come with two 14-inch dumbbell rods and iron bolts to secure the weights in place.
  • The dumbbell rods come with an anti-slip grip that makes it safer for you to use.
  • This set comes with PVC Coated Dumbbell weight plates. You have different combinations of these weight plates that you can choose from.
  • Body Maxx PVC Dumbbells Sets Combo 2, for instance, comes with 4X2.5 kg PVC coated plates giving you a total Dumbbell 10 kg
  • You also have the Body Maxx PVC Dumbbells Sets BM-Combo-20, which includes 4x2 kg plates and 4x3 kg plates giving you a total Dumbbell 20 kg
  • Body Maxx PVC Dumbbells are made from premium construction material that keeps them lasting longer.

KOBO Dumbbell

  • Kobo is one of the best-known brands to buy dumbbells online.
  • They are known for a range of different gym accessories and equipment that are rated high and are extremely popular.
  • You can choose from a variety of dumbbells by this brand including rubber dumbbells and KOBO Vinyl Dumbbells
  • You can get them in sets of two depending upon the weight that you choose.
  • The hex dumbbells by Kobo are easy to use and are designed to be extremely ergonomic. They come with a textured grip in the middle of the rod to make them safer to use.
  • You also have vinyl-coated dumbbells that are most suited for light resistance training. They also come with a unique design that prevents them from rolling off.
  • With Kobo Vinyl Dumbbells are available in different sizes from 1 kg to 5 kgs dumbbells.

B Fit USA Vinyl Dumbbell With ABS Box

  • B Fit USA vinyl dumbbells come with a classic hexagonal shape that makes it easy for you to store, as these dumbbells do not roll away.
  • These vinyl-coated dumbbells are available in four sizes- 1kg, 2kg, 3kg and 5kg.
  • B Fit USA Vinyl Dumbbell With ABS Box is available in four different colors, namely blue, green, red, and purple.
  • The smart ABS box made from highly durable PVC material makes it easier for you to carry the dumbbells with you wherever you go. This box also makes storage easier.
  • These lightweight dumbbells are ideal for any aerobic exercise, muscle toning, physical therapy, and other general exercises that require lightweight resistance.
  • The textured vinyl coating on the dumbbells also provides you with extra grip that is extremely important for aerobic activities that include fast and more dynamic movements.

SportSoul Vinyl Dumbbell

  • SportsSoul Vinyl Dumbbell comes with a classic hexagonal shape. This prevents the dumbbell from rolling away when placed on the floor, making it perfect for aerobic training and high intensity training. These dumbbells are also extremely easy to store.
  • You have five size options with these fixed dumbbells including 2kgs, 4kgs, 6kgs, 8kgs and 10kgs.
  • These dumbbells by SportsSoul are very reasonable giving you the best Dumbbell 10kg price in comparison to other traditional dumbbell designs.
  • You have the option of five vibrant colors including red, blue, green, yellow, and pink.
  • These dumbbells provide the best grip, making them extremely safe for you to use.

Generic Nickel Electroplated Steel Dumbbells

  • Generic Nickel Electroplated Steel Dumbbells are available in sets of 2.
  • The plates are nickel coated to give them an almost silver-like appearance. The advantage of using nickel coating is that these dumbbells are completely free from rust.
  • The foam handgrip is black in color, perfectly contrasting the silver plates. This foam grip gives you ample cushioning for your palms and even gives you the grip that you need.
  • These Generic dumbbells are necessary for home gym equipment as they can be used by both men and women to perform a host of different kinds of exercises.

Strauss PVC Dumbbell Set

  • Strauss PVC Dumbbell Set comes with a great ergonomic design that makes it really easy and convenient to use.
  • The hexagonal shape of these PVC dumbbells makes them convenient to store as you do not have to worry about them rolling away all the time.
  • With Strauss, you can get the most affordable dumbbells with the lowest 1kg and 5kg Dumbbell price in comparison to other similar products.
  • The anti-slip grip makes it very easy to use, too.
  • Strauss is one of the most recommended sports equipment brand making various accessories like gym gloves along with the most efficient training equipment.

Where to Buy

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