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Eyeglasses - Know More to Select the Best Pair

Eye glasses are accessories that are more or less a necessity for someone who needs vision correctness or protection for the eyes. They carry framed lenses that are meant to be worn in front of the eye to correct vision.

Who needs Eyeglasses?

Glasses become a necessity when a person is unable to see properly with the naked eye. When normal vision is stressful you may suffer from associated symptoms like – headaches, difficulty in focusing or concentrating on things while reading or otherwise. If an eye test reveals a weak eye sight, you may be suffering from any one of the following conditions –

  • Myopia – it causes blurred long distance vision
  • Hyperopia – it causes troubled focusing for long periods especially while reading.
  • Presbyopia – an age related eye problem where focusing on closer things becomes a problem.
  • Asigmatism – in this condition a person has a severe urge to squint while seeing.

Selecting appropriate lenses

When buying eyeglasses it is vital to understand how to select your lenses. Here are some important points to remember:

  • It is good to remember that higher your prescription number, thicker will be your lenses.
  • If you are a sportsperson opt for polycarbonate lenses which are breakage proof and scratch resistant as well.
  • It is best to have lenses with anti-reflective, scratch-resistance and UV protection.
  • Opt for lightweight lenses for extra comfort.
  • Choose lenses that support the frame of your spectacles and do not stand out.
  • Choose lenses as per your lifestyle. Someone who is working outdoors may prefer photochromic lenses, while someone working long hours on the computer may feel the need for an anti-glare pair.
  • People with presbyopia are prescribed bifocal lenses. These lenses correct two optical defects at the same time. Progressive lenses can also be prescribed for people with presbyopia. These eye glasses do not have a visible dividing line and allow for clearer better vision.
  • Choose lenses that offer maximum coverage for your eyes to aid better vision.

Selecting appropriate frames

Eye glasses are an accessory that largely affects the way your face looks and therefore, the way people perceive your overall personality in the first look. They add to your comfort, health and appearance. It is therefore very important to choose your frames very carefully. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Choose the frame style that offers maximum support at the nose and the eye pads.
  • A style that rests comfortably on your face is one that you are bound to carry off the best.
  • Look for eye glass frames that accentuate your eyes. The color, design and style must be tried on before buying.
  • Choose a color that looks good on your face and matches your skin tone. Today eye glasses are available in many bold colors as well, besides the conventional golden, silver and black.
  • As a rule eye glasses can still be chosen in a size slightly bigger than your face; but, opting for a smaller than face size makes the face appear plum and chubby; besides being tight at the temples.
  • You may opt for different styles of frames for your office wear and leisure time. Most importantly a frame must be age, personality, and occasion appropriate.
  • Shades for eye glasses can be chosen from among a wide variety of materials, ranging from stainless steel, titanium, or plastic.
  • Before you pick the shape of your frame, you must try different frames in front of the mirror to see what works best for you. A choice can be made among oval, square, almond or rectangular frames.
  • Designer frames with embellishments or detailing on the sides lend a trendy and stylish look. However, one must choose carefully to prevent the risk of going overboard.
  • One can also choose between full framed eye glasses, half framed eye glasses or rimless glasses. In case of rimless frames make sure you choose a frame with a sturdy structure.

Where plastic framed eye glasses in pastel colors or cartoon prints work best for children; metal rimmed frames look good on the elderly. Where safety is the key in children’s eye wear; comfort and style is the primary concern for youngsters and professionals. Each individual has different needs and different styles work for different people. Therefore, research well both online as well as on ground before you make a final choice.