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Body Fat Monitors

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Body Fat Monitor

Body fat monitor measures the fat content in your body and indicates if you are obese or heading towards obesity. A fat person is more susceptible to diseases. So it is good to buy a body fat monitor to keep a check on the fat content. Some people who are visibly huge already know what risk they take by not reducing their weight. The ones who are not visibly so fat yet are technically ‘obese’ because they have higher percentage of fat in their body are the ones who greatly benefit from a body fat monitor. You are a soft target for diabetes.

How does the body fat monitor work? A low electrical current is passed through the part of the body that is tested. The reading on the monitor is directly proportional to resistance faced by the current. If the resistance is higher, then the fat content is more. A higher scale will be shown when the body fat is more. It is very simple way to measure fat content. Fore warned is being fore armed. So take the necessary steps to prevent health complications when you see red in the body fat monitor. People generally mistake it for body weighing scale but you now know that is a completely different health gadget.

Don’t think of a body fat monitor as a weighing scale. Its role is much more detailed, as it will tell you the accurate amount of fat deposited on the different parts of your body. These body fat monitors offer:

  • An easy way to gauge your body fat percentage
  • Ease of handling and transportation
  • Have large display
  • Easy to use and read

Once you have your very own body fat monitor, healthy weight management becomes much easier. This is especially good for diabetics, as gaining weight in diabetes leads to further complications which are best avoided. Even if you are not diabetic and are looking for the best way to track your weight loss progress, a body fat monitor is the best method with the most accurate reading.

The best body fat monitors are:

  • Equinox Body Fat & Hydration Bone & Muscle Monitor (EB-EQ33) ,
  • Omron Body composition monitor (HBF-362) and
  • Omron Body composition monitor (HBF-306)

While the first two are like used like the weighing scales, the HBF 306 model from Omron is a hand held machine. You can even buy these online with ease.