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Stethoscope, India

Stethoscope is a medical diagnostic tool used by doctors and physicians to listen to the sounds of the heart, lungs and various other parts of the body.  This helps the medical practitioner to determine the nature of the medical condition and determine the diagnosing method related to it. They are designed in such a way that it lets the physician to hear very feeble and sensitive sounds as it is important to know whether the major organs are functioning properly or not. This is possible as the sounds would help you to determine the anomalies in the body and other abnormal activities.

Uniqueness of stethoscope:

When you look at a stethoscope, you will find that most of them have a Y shaped appearance that features a rubber tube attached to the other two major parts such as diaphragm and bell. The Y shape is offered to enable the sound to travel very fast and reach the ear pieces. Some stethoscopes are designed to have two sided devices that make it easier to detect the high pitched or low pitched sounds. These are used by the practitioners while testing the patient with multiple medical conditions. The ear pieces of the Stethoscope are designed with high quality materials and are safe and soft on the ears.

Various types of stethoscope:

There are various types of Stethoscope with each type serving a unique function of its own. The binaural Stethoscope can be used with both the ears and is commonly used by all practitioners in the medical field, such as doctors, nurses and others. Single Stethoscope can be used on a single ear and is used at times of need by the physicians. There is also differential type of Stethoscope that paves way to compare two different bodies at the same time during treatments. Also the electronic Stethoscope is an advancement made in this type of device and it is designed to allow electronically amplified sound which would be very useful in determining the heart rate of the foetus in mother’s womb.

There are also cardiac type Stethoscope which is helpful in determining the response of feeble heart beats and to determine various heart diseases and its causes. It also helps to determine the other sounds of the various parts of the body. These are also useful while diagnosing for various upper respiratory diseases. This is possible as when breathing in and breathing out, various anomalies in breathing can be determined. These Stethoscopes are designed with high quality materials and adhering to the various medical standards.

Design of stethoscope:

The Stethoscope has super acoustic design that is ultra light in nature. The angled head set also offers excellent readability. The chest piece usually is made of light weight aluminium or steel with powder coated metal screws. Some designs have non chill diaphragm design which helps when examining a very weak patient as the chillness of the metal might startle him in the process of examination. The high tolerance exhibited by the Stethoscope is amazing and can serve the physician for many years together. The seamless PVC tube of the Stethoscope ensures that the there is no leakage of any sounds or loss of it. The rubberised tube also helps in clear cut transmission of even very low and feeble sounds.

There are also paediatric Stethoscope that ensures that clarity is offered while inspecting the kids with very delicate body frame as their organs might be very fragile and it can be used on babies and kids. This is also beneficial while diagnosing individuals with very thin, feeble or thin body structure as the heart beat response or the lung sounds can be very low while comparing with the others. There is also some type of Stethoscope which has a special place to store the name tags of the doctors or nurses. It can hold a piece of paper with the name inscribed on it or sport engraved initials or names which suits the taste of the person. There are also various Stethoscopes with different colours and diaphragms to suit the liking of every medical practitioner.

These stethoscopes are offered by various companies under different brands and can be purchased online to avoid various hassles. They are available at affordable price ranges and in different types.