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Pain Therapy

Are there days when you suffer from back and neck pains so piercing and intense that it becomes impossible to carry out daily chores like move around or sit through the day at work? If yes, then you can end this agony by trying a new radical treatment called pain therapy. We all know that pain can cause devastation; it is a sense of not only physical pain, but a sensory experience which might include a very unpleasant responsiveness of bodily harm or noxious stimulus. If you are experiencing daily aches and pains, it could be because of a serious illness or injury, so the best advice is to go in for pain therapy to nip the pain in the bud.

What Is Pain Therapy?

Pain can be explained as the unpleasant emotional and bodily experience that is associated with an actual or a potential damage to the body tissue. Pain motivates individuals to withdraw themselves from the damaging situation, to guard an injured body part as it healed, and avoid any such experience in the future. Majority pains resolve promptly as you remove the agonizing stimulus and allow your body to heal, but sometimes the pains persist despite stimulus removal and healing of your body. At times like this it becomes crucial that you go through pain therapy to get relief from the agonising aches and pains that are taking a toll over your daily life. It is a well-known fact that the defence system in our bodies seeks to end painful experiences as the pain triggers our physical and mental behaviour. Pain therapy has been designed for treating chronic pains and allows people to live their life in an enjoyable and full manner. Pain therapy requires your utmost dedication, knowledge and commitment so as to reap the best benefits. One of the greatest alternatives to neck, wrist, back and knee pain surgeries, pain therapy helps you in coping with pain and is an excellent option for a person who is not a candidate for surgery.

Why Go In For Pain Therapy?

There is a saying by James Kenneth Stephen that "Nothing begins, and nothing ends, that is not paid with moan; for we are born in other's pain, and perish in our own."

When we feel a sensation of pain, be that emotional or physical, we protect ourselves from that agony by causing performing certain activities and avoiding others. Pain therapy is one of the most useful and widely known ways to deal with such pain. Our individual perception of pain can vary from time to time, even in responses to identical stimulus, like an athlete might not feel a tissue injury, a cut or bruise during a competition until it is over. We might also feel less or more pain depending upon our moods, sleeping patterns, activity or hunger. Pain therapy is important if you are looking for relief from on-going pains and for pain control, mostly if you are suffering with chronic or long-term chronic pains like severe back pains. The first thing to do is pain assessment, and then select a pain therapy to help get respite from pain. A pain can be characteristically classified as chronic or acute pain. Acute pains are sudden onsets and usually the consequence of some clearly defined source, like an injury. These pains resolve with healing the underlying cause, whereas chronic pains persist for weeks, maybe even months and are usually linked to underlying conditions, like arthritis. Severity of chronic pains can be either mild, or moderate and severe.

Before you opt for pain therapy, understand the cause of pain and your overall health. Primary aim of pain therapy is to bring the patients back to their optimal functioning. These treatments can either be medical or non-medical. Medical treatments have 3 basic forms of drugs for treating pains (analgesics): the non-opioid drug, the opioid drug, and drug used for complementing another analgesic (or adjuvant drug). Pain therapy is a form of non-medical pain treatment, wherein you use hot and cold packs, heat therapy, infrared massagers, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. to heal pain.

The Best Products Come From:

ActiPatch- for wrist, back and knee pain therapy

GO- for relief from back, elbow and knee pain

3M- for occlusion therapy

Who Should Go In For Pain Therapy?

Undergoing pain at some point in life is normal and a chapter inlife, be that skinned knees after a game or a fall, tension headaches, bone fractures, etc. However, there are times when pains become chronic and a natural healing process is not sufficient to relieve yourself from pain. Majority of us do not understand the basic difference between acute and chronic pain and we therefore fail to treat the pain in an appropriate manner. Acute pains are normal pains that warn one that he/she has been hurt, for example when one breaks their leg, or hits the thumb with a hammer, or puts their hand on a hot plate or gets burnt, it is acute pain, as it lets you know the exact cause of the injury. The minute you touch a scorching dish, the body will immediately react and as a result you pull back your hand. These pains start suddenly and don't usually last long. As the injury has healed, this pain will stop. On the other hand, with chronic pains, this pain becomes an illness/disease in itself. If the injury’s healed and you still continue to feel pain beyond expected recovery time, it is chronic pain. These pains last for even years sometimes and might make us more sensitive towards pain, so a painful sensation may feel very severe and also last longer. Whenever pains last longer than a reasonable expected period, it is crucial you undergo pain therapy as a treatment course to prevent it from getting worse. For example, lifting a very heavy item can cause back pains, but if the pain seems to last forever, it is wise to wear a waist belt or band to support your back.

Benefits of Pain Therapy

Eye patches like the 3M Opticlude Orthoptic Eye Patch is something that can be used to cover the eye after a lazy eye surgery or damaged eyes. These patches are pieces of cloth that are attached to an elastic band to fit the person around his/her head or bandage. Worn mostly for a medical reason, these patches can also be used for covering up missing and disfigured eyes or for helping correct vision for people with an eye ailment.

In children, an eye patch is used after a surgeryor cases like amblyopia, because if left untreated, the outcome can be complete blindness in affected eyes or a severe problem with depth acuity. When you use eye patches on unaffected eyes it forces your affected eyes to focus, leading frequently to 100% vision correction. These can also be worn for treating diplopia, as the condition causes a person to see things as double and wearing an eye patch helps the person to see normally with one eye closed.

Back pain therapy like that from ActiPatch are biodynamic therapies that have anti-inflammatory effects on the injured cells that get recharged and reinvigorated after therapy. So not only will the pain disappear, but the body’s natural process of healing will be accelerated so pains don’t come back. You can use ActiPatch for back spasms, acute or chronic aches and also to treat arthritis. It is a continuous 30-days relief therapy where cellular stimulations alleviate pain by introducing a therapeutic energy in the injured tissues, promoting every phase of your healing process. There are zero side effects to this pain therapy and you end up getting relief from pain much faster. This therapy is recommended for the elderly, people with diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular problems.

Nowadays, the chair-bound kind of lifestyle is what we all are heading towards, if not already living. The brunt of it all is taken by the back and knees that responds with pain all day. At times like this, the pain therapy from GO is the perfect no side-effect solution. A superior heat pain therapy system, it combines dual action of dry as well as moist heat therapies with portable handiness, so that pain can no longer take a toll on your life.The drug-free substitute is a plug free and hands free pain therapy that works wonders in just a couple of hours. These therapies have been designed to besweat - free, stretchable and also skin friendly to give you the ultimate wear comfort. Back and knee pains are relieved with the strapping bi-directional force that provides extreme compressions on the back to relieve pain. You can just wear it and move around easily and freely all day without feeling the faintest sensation of pain. It offers deep penetration for better pain-relief, quickly gets absorbed to alleviate the pain, swelling or inflammation, helps increase blood circulation and unlocks your stiff joints while it soothes all muscle spasms.

Acute and chronic wrist and knee pains, swelling and inflammation , strains and sprains may all be the warning signs of either weak bones or an injured joint and muscle. Wrist and knee pain therapy like the one from ActiPatch is a great way to free yourself of this pain and live a normal life.  A drug-free solution to pain and inflammation, this device has new micros which metabolically stimulate injured cells and push them to heal. You can use ActiPatch for back spasms, acute or chronic aches and also to treat arthritis. It is a continuous 30-days relief therapy where cellular stimulations alleviate pain by introducing a therapeutic energy in the injured tissues, promoting every phase of your healing process. There are zero side effects to this pain therapy and you end up getting relief from pain much faster. This therapy is recommended for the elderly, people with diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular problems.

Things to Keep In Mind When Getting Pain Therapy

Waist, knee, wrist and elbow pain relief bands and belts should make your fatigued and weak muscles better, be it a recurring lower back pain due to stress or injury or an inflamed wrist.

Wear pain therapy products when lifting any heavy objects or straining the particular body area.

Support belts with a double side pull is excellent for abdominal compression, so try and opt for those.

Make sure pain therapy belt isn’t too tight or loose on you as you will feel uncomfortable moving around and to breathing in it.

Always double check the fitting to ensure you have picked the appropriate size for yourself.

Do not put back belts into a washing machine for cleaning, rather wash them by hand.

When buying an eye patch, opt for something that looks like it’s a part of your face, so a similar colour tone.

Eye patches should be made from breathable and soft material, high quality fabric that is washable. The eye patch must be gentle on your skin with a highly breathable soft backing. It must be free of latex materials and have a non- stick absorbent padding that is comfortable to wear for long hours.