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Lung Exercisers

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Lung Exercisers

Many of us do not breathe to the full capacity of our lungs and hence need a lung exerciser. Shallow breathing is behind the dull headaches we experience towards the end of day brought about by the lack of oxygen in our bodies. We may experience shortness of breath even after climbing a short flight of stairs. Or we may feel like sitting down after a short walk. All these are indications that we are not breathing to our full capacity. While the lungs cannot be made to expand beyond its natural capacity, it can be made to perform at its optimum function capacity.

After a major surgery, which could be either abdominal or thoracic, patients resort to shallow breathing because of the discomfort they feel when they take deep breaths. Doctors naturally would like them to breathe deeply to let the lungs expand. In order to let in maximum oxygen into the body, they prescribe lung exercisers. These let you work your lungs in a natural way but you can see for yourself how effectively you are breathing. This machine is made of a transparent material which makes it see through.

The Niscomed Lung Exerciser gradually improves the lung capacity of the patient. It is portable and patients can evaluate their own breathing since there are three different colored balls that move according to how well the patient breathes.

  • Patient can monitor their own breathing
  • Since the patient sees the effect of their breathing, there is motivation to improve
  • The apparatus can be dismantled, cleaned and sterilized
  • Easily portable

The Shree Tri Ball Lung Exerciser also is used for lung exercising. This is made of a transparent material and as the patient breathes, the balls rise. The balls are colored so the patients how effective their breathing is. Patients are encouraged to breath better because they can see the results for themselves. It is not some impersonal result which comes to them in the form of a print out. This machine can also be taken apart and cleaned and sterilized.

The narrowness of the breathing tube and the relative size of the balls provide adequate resistance. In some breathing apparatus the resistance can be increased. The amount of air breathed in by a sedentary person is around 12 liters of air. From this amount of air a person extracts only about 1/5 oxygen. During the volume of air breathed in increases considerably. Proportionately, the oxygen derived also increases. Lung exercises using a lung exerciser is very effective.