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HealthAid Vitamin C

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Healthaid Vitamin C

With over 38 years of prominence in the supplement industry, Healthaid has developed quite an impressive portfolio for itself. They have constantly worked to establish their brand in over 4000 independent pharmacies and health shops across 60 different countries. The company is known for its commitment to quality product, stable business relationships, and world-class customer service.

Of the many products released by this brand, nutritional supplements are one of the most important and healthiest choices that you need to go for. So let us understand more about HealthAid Immuno 360 (Vitamin C 1000mg Complex with Vitamin D & Zinc) and how it can be good for your body.

HealthAid Immuno 360 (Vitamin C 1000mg Complex with Vitamin D & Zinc)

The HealthAid Immuno 360 has been incorporated with one of the most potent sources of Vitamin C.

  • It helps with enhancing the action of the white blood cells in the body. This helps with boosting the immune system and fending off diseases.
  • This vitamin tablet contains Rosehip extract, which is one of the most potent sources of antioxidants found naturally. In addition, this extract helps with strengthening the immune system.
  • The antioxidant properties of the Healthaid Vitamin C are also beneficial in reducing inflammation in skin conditions such as acne, pimples, and scarring.

Things You Need To Consider While Buying Vitamin C

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a Vitamin C supplement from the market:

  • Dosage: Most of the products available in the market are rich in Vitamin C and other essential micronutrients such as iron, zinc, omega 3 tablets and Vitamin D tablets. While these nutrients are helpful for your body, they dilute the dosage of the supplement and reduce the effectiveness of Vitamin C on some level. This is why you must make sure to check the potency of the Vitamin C present in the supplement and determine whether or not it meets the recommended daily amount as per your health needs.
  • Quality: Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to make sure that the product you are purchasing has been sourced naturally and does not contain any harmful additives or chemicals that could harm the body
  • Price: With products like health supplements, you are usually getting what you pay for, which is why you must make sure to invest in a relatively known brand even if it is slightly on the more expensive end. Big brands often make sure to go through the proper manufacturing trials and extensive testing methods to deliver the premium product to you.

Benefits Of Consuming Vitamin C

Here are some of the few health benefits that you can avail yourself by consuming your daily dose of Vitamin C health supplement:

  • Supports Collagen synthesis: Vitamin C also contains two enzymes required for collagen synthesis: prolyl hydroxylase (which stabilizes the collagen molecule) and lysyl hydroxylase (which provides structural integrity). Thus, collagen acts as a building block for the development of bones and tissues.
  • Promotes healthy gum function: Vitamin C tablets strengthen the connective tissues in our gums, which further help hold the teeth in their place, thus preventing excessive bleeding and discomfort.
  • Facilitates iron absorption: Vitamin C is also responsible for the absorption of nonheme iron and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, cancers and other conditions primarily caused by oxidative stress.

Other Five Vitamin C Supplement Brands That Are Worth Purchasing

Here are a few Vitamin C supplement products that you can include as a part of your daily nutritional intake: TrueBasics Immuno Charge Acerola, 60 tablet(s), Berry TrueBasics Immuno Charge Acerola contains specific micronutrients such as Vitamin C and Zinc, which promote lymphocyte multiplication and enhance the immune response. It helps reduce the severity, risk, and duration of infectious diseases.

  • This supplement also promotes the synthesis and maturation of collagen and aids wound healing.
  • TrueBasics Immuno Charge Acerola contains naturally sourced Vitamin C that protects us from damage by free radicals with its antioxidant properties.

Fast & Up Charge, 60 tablet(s), Unflavoured

Fast & Up Charge has been formulated with one of the most potent sources of Vitamin C, i.e. Amla.

  • It comes enriched with the goodness of zinc, an essential nutrient that helps with boosting the body’s immune activity.
  • A single tablet of this supplement can get you up to 1000 mg of Vitamin C, making it easier for you to meet the recommended daily intake.
  • Fast & Up Charge Vitamin Supplements are entirely free from additives such as sweeteners and preservatives as well.

Big Muscles Natural Vitamin C, 60 tablet(s), Orange

  • Big Muscles Natural Vitamin C has been formulated using one of the most potent and organic ingredients to improve your body’s functioning and immune activity.
  • It is available in a rich orange flavour, making consuming your daily dose of Vitamin C all the more fun.
  • Big Muscles Natural Vitamin C has also been enriched with minerals like zinc which boost the body’s ability to eliminate free radicals and prevent diseases.

Simply Nutra Vitamin C 1000mg, 120 tablet(s), Unflavoured

Simply Nutra Vitamin C is a must-have to enhance your body’s immunity.

  • Its potent antioxidant properties help boost collagen in our body and promote healthy, glowing skin.
  • A single dosage of this immunity tablet can get you 1000 mg of Vitamin C, making it easier for you to meet the recommended daily intake.

Nutriarc Wellness Vitamin C 1000 mg, 60 capsules, Unflavoured

Nutriarc Wellness Vitamin C helps eliminate free radicals in the body, thus preventing infections and diseases.

  • The antioxidant properties of this vitamin supplement help keep skin conditions such as wrinkles and fine lines at bay.
  • This Vitamin C helps boost immunity and protect cells from oxidative damage.

To get the most out of your Vitamin C supplements, you must consume them in combination with a healthy balanced diet that contains essential food groups such as healthy fats, carbs, and lean proteins. Head on to to discover a world of nutritional aids and health supplements that you can consume to lead a healthy and fit life.

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