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Coffee Maker

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Coffee Maker, India

A very famous coffee house states - “A lot can happen over coffee”! True. The best conversations come out with a relaxing cup of coffee. Our mothers used to brew coffee for us during late night study for exams. Lovers meet over coffee and express their feelings. On a rainy day, a cup of coffee and a book in hand are the best combinations one can have! When coffee is so romantic, soothing and relaxing, why not have a perfect cup of coffee than wasting those precious moments that you could have spent with your freshly brewed cup of coffee in making it over and over again? Grab a coffee maker and make the subtle moments of life simpler and free from stress.

What Is A Coffee Maker:

A coffee maker or a coffee machine is a kitchen appliance to brew coffee. The principle by which it works is very simple. Grounded coffee is placed in a paper or metal filter in a funnel. This funnel is set over a ceramic pot called coffee pot. Normal water is let inside the machine into a separate chamber. When turned on, water is heated to reach the boiling point and the allowed inside the funnel. The freshly brewed pot of coffee is then poured out. It is simple and easy to use and makes coffee that matches the standards of leading coffee houses. The art of brewing coffee dates back to 1710 in France, where coffee in grounded state were kept on linen bags which were then dipped inside the water filled containers and the coffee liquor is further allowed to seep in and dissolve with the water. Gone are those days. In the present century, people look out for a higher quality of product at lesser time. A coffee maker is an ideal appliance for your kitchen.

How Useful Is A Coffee Maker:

1.       You can brew a fresh cup of coffee in a few minutes.

2.       The various features allows you to choose from a variety of coffee- espresso, latte, dark coffee, light coffee, cappuccino etc.

3.       It lets you brew the coffee while you enjoy the chat with your guests.

4.       You can brew coffee for 12 cups at a time which was traditionally not possible using a huge vessel.

5.       The taste and aroma remains unaltered and gets a fresh luxurious quality with the machine.


Few of the best coffee maker brands sold are:

1.       Black & Decker

2.       Inalsa

3.       Morphy Richards

4.       Oster

5.       Philips

6.       Prestige

7.       Russell Hobbs

8.       Sunflame

9.       Westinghouse

Tips To Buy A Coffee Maker:

A few tips before you spend on a coffee maker:

1.       Consider how much you want to brew or how much you might need to brew. If it is 4 cups, get one which makes the best four cup of coffee, if twelve, then get a coffee maker that brews twelve cups a time. If your demands are higher or you own a coffee shop, a bigger machine will be most suitable.

2.       Consider the features. Coffee makers come with features that make different types of coffee- espresso, latte or cappuccino. Grab a piece that has multi features so that you can sip a different coffee with a different mood!

3.       Certain coffee makers can also provide you hot milk and water for tea. Why not some extra feature apart from coffee? A combo machine not only saves time but also saves kitchen space.

4.       Check out a few models and their specifications before you pick one. Look for ones that come with additional accessories of a couple of cups or a coffee pot. More is always better.

How to Use A Coffee Maker:

Though a coffee maker is not a usual appliance to use, yet a few simple steps can give you the best operating procedure. After all it is an appliance and no rocket science!

1.       Read the manual and fill the funnel with coffee powder.

2.       Go through the manual to find out the exact ratio of water to coffee to be added.

3.       Turn on the coffee maker and let it brew.

4.       Once it is done, flip the funnel away. If you do not remove the filter, the cup of coffee will become too bitter.

5.       Pour it down in cups and add desired sugar and milk. Certain coffee makers have a separate chamber for milk and fill the coffee pot with milk and coffee liquor both at a time. The more, the better.

Enjoy your cup of coffee!