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Electric Kettle

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Electric Kettles

A kettle is a type of pot, usually made of steel, used for boiling of water over a heat source like the stove or a fire. Electric kettles are powered by Electricity for the heating requirement and are made of durable plastic or steel. They find good use as travel kettles, a great device for the backpackers. Modern electric kettles have a thermostat made of bimetallic strip which automatically switches off when the water is boiled, thereby preventing wastage of water. Heating element is typically fully enclosed in modern electric kettles and the thermostat is separated from the water chamber and gets instead heated by the steam which is directed to the bimetallic strip through a duct after the water comes to boil. Special Kettles are also available for making tea, known Tea maker or chai maker. The chai maker or tea maker has a jar which is mounted over a motor base and there is a safety locking system to make sure that the jar is intact when the tea maker is on.

Why should you use Electric Kettles?

Electric kettles are designed to be used for boiling water without requiring using a stove top. They are energy efficient and heat water quickly, more so than on a stove or in a microwave. The automatic shut off mechanism provided by the bimetallic thermostat prevents water from boiling away, a welcome feature if you get distracted by a call or have a crying baby to attend to! Electric kettles can be used as travel kettles, portable and easy to use, requiring only a plug point. Many electric kettles have see-through jugs or visible water chambers which help the user see how much water is remaining and whether the water has come to boil. Distinct measurement markings are provided in case one needs precise amounts for cooking. Electric kettle is a must have in modern kitchens, as it helps save time and one gets almost instant boiled water. It is ideal for all seasons, as you wouldn’t want to stand next to a hot stove in summer and in winter when you are making frequent coffee and tea, it is good to have hot water available immediately. The tea maker/chai maker is a great product for the chai loving nation, quick and easy to make a cuppa delicious tea. A tea maker/chai maker with its large storing capacity is ideal for home and office use.

The best Brands of Electric Kettles

  • Bajaj
  • Black & Decker
  • Havells
  • Inalsa
  • Morphy Richards
  • Oster
  • Philips
  • Prestige
  • Russell Hobbs
  • Singer
  • Sunflame
  • Westinghouse

Tips to buy Electric Kettles

There are a wide range of designs/brands available in electric kettles and one might be spoilt for choice. The purpose and comfort of use and the cost of the product have to be kept in mind while selecting the ideal product to suit your specific needs. Also, the speed of boiling the water is an important consideration, with the slowest kettles taking up to 2 minutes more than the fastest. Noisy kettles can be quite irritating and hence noise is a valid comparison parameter for those who love to have their cup of hot tea/coffee in peace. Check the weight and the size of the electric kettle before purchase if you intend to use it as a travel kettle. Also the strength of the glass jar has to be kept in mind while buying. There are different capacities (in liters) of electric kettles available and one has to make the selection based on the average requirement. Some kettles have a beep alert when the water is boiled, a handy feature to have. For a chair maker/ tea maker having a safety locking system should be considered a must have. Though electric kettles do not use up as much energy as the bigger kitchen appliances, investing in an energy efficient model save time and money. Also, if you usually need one cup of tea at a given time, look at electric kettles with low minimum fill. Last but not the least, the color and finish of the electric kettle or the chair maker/ tea maker cannot be ignored, be it adding a nice bright touch to your neutral kitchen, complementing a sleek one or just accompanying you as your travel kettle.

The above information and tips should help you make a better decision to buy the perfect kettle for your kitchen.