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Sandwich Makers

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Sandwich Maker

Early morning breakfast is a hassle for working people. It is a test of creativity for home makers and a punishment for the college goers. Because for working, they don’t have the patience and time to prepare breakfast and prefer opting for breakfast at the office. For college goers, they are in hurry for classes and find skipping breakfast an excellent way to save time. And for home makers, they have to start the day with a delicious and nutritious breakfast for the family. In this fast forward life, the use of ‘easy-to-cook’ foods is prevalent. But they may not be always healthy. With every kitchen appliance going automatic and better for you, why not have a breakfast maker that gives you a healthy and a delicious dish early morning and that too without any trouble of making it! one of the best dishes you can get in the morning is a sandwich and a sandwich maker helps you like nothing else to prepare breakfast and get ready for the day’s work.

What Is A Sandwich Maker? :

A sandwich maker is a kitchen appliance to make toasted sandwiches. They can be utensils that are mounted over coal or electrical ones. Modern day sandwich makers are all electrical appliances, consuming minimal electricity to give the yummiest sandwich. You can toast, grill, and add your own desired cooking level to prepare the sandwiches. You can stuff your sandwich with any filling and use the sandwich maker to process it without the least botheration of it getting burned or remain half cooked. Grill sandwich makers make the best grilled sandwich that will remind you of the splendid sandwich breakfast you had during your beach vacation! They are made of a plastic covering housing a non sticky plate where the bread slices are placed. They can be sealed sandwich makers that seal the sides of the bread to cook it or grilled ones that cook it without sealing. Almost every sandwich maker has a ridge running at an angle of 45 degrees diagonally on the non stick plate that cuts the slices of bread into two equal halves of triangles giving it the exact shape and look of the sandwich. You are saved from the hassles of using butter on frying pan and toast the bread, which might not sometimes end up being perfect and wasting your time. Sandwich makers give you the awesome tasting sandwich with minimum use of fat ingredients like butter and saves time.

How Useful Is A Sandwich Maker? :

1.       It saves your time in the process of breakfast making and enables you to do other works like getting your kids ready for school or getting yourself ready for office or college.

2.       It makes the tastiest sandwiches without burning them or keeping the raw. They cook evenly with a perfect finish.

3.       They come with features that helps you make varieties of sandwiches and with different fillings. You do not even have to worry about serving. They cut the slices and make it serve ready.

4.       They are light weight and easy to maintain appliances. They are portable and few are so small in size and yet efficient that you can carry them out on a picnic or camping!

5.       They consume remarkably less electricity and so you do not have to worry about the length of electricity bill at the end of the month.

6.       Just wipe them out with a clean cloth after use and they are done.


The brands of sandwich makers sold are:

1.       Bajaj.

2.       Black and Decker.

3.       Havells.

4.       Inalsa.

5.       Khaitan.

6.       Morphy Richards.

7.       Oster.

8.       Philips.

9.       Prestige.

10.   Singer.

11.   Sunflame.

12.   Westinghouse.

Tips To Buy A Sandwich Maker:

Before you buy a sandwich maker with endless possibilities and combinations, a few considerations to be made are:

1.       Get a sandwich maker that has proper size. A too small sandwich maker may not be suitable for a regular size of bread slice. A proper size of sandwich maker like two compartment or for four, can make sandwiches for all at a time.

2.       Pick one with non stick surface as it enables better cooking and also easy cleaning. Do not keep the sandwich maker aloof after cooking. At least after three to four preparations, make a swift stroke with a kitchen towel to clean it off.

3.       Get a sandwich maker that is of good quality plastic. Cheaper ones tend to melt away with consequent uses. Appliances like sandwich toasters are one time investments and are not bought daily, so choose one that lasts longer to give you quality results.

4.       Compare the price. Not everywhere will you get a good sandwich maker in proper price.

5.       Look for the features. A simple sandwich maker is preferred over the one that makes grilled, breville and other varieties of sandwich.

How To Use:

1.       Prepare the bread slices with proper fillings.

2.       Grease the non sticky plate of the sandwich maker with little oil or butter.

3.       Place the slices and close. Turn on power.

4.       The automatic mechanism will turn it off once the sandwich is made and keep it warm inside without burning it.

5.       Wipe off with a towel to clean. Read the instruction manual before using.

Have a healthy breakfast!