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Induction Cooker

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Induction Cooker

Cooking is an activity that takes place in all households. There are a number of ways to cook but for most of them it is imperative to generate substantial heat. The heat can be generated by burning wood, gas or coal or through electricity. In these kinds of cooking methods, heat would be produced in the device which gets transferred to the pots and the pans. Apart from this there is a new technology in which the vessel gets heated itself to cook the food. This is known as induction heating and is applied to devices called induction cookers.

What is an Induction Cooker?

Induction cookers are cook tops which use induction heating to heat the vessel directly and run on electricity. Induction cookers are simple to use but you must take care to use induction vessels only to cook on these. These vessels are made of ferromagnetic metal or should have some content of iron which will enable the cooker to work. A pan which allows magnet to stick to the base is the pan that can be used on the cooker.   

Why Use Induction Cookers?

Induction cookers are not normal cookers that you use in the kitchen to cook as this does not use flames to cook food. This is an ideal way to save energy consumption as money as this uses little electricity and cooks the food in a more even manner. There are many advantages of using induction cookers and some are as follows:

  • Energy Efficient: Electricity rates are soaring high these days and luckily the induction cook tops are very energy efficient. These help in cooking the food faster and not only save energy but also time.
  • Simple to Use: Unlike many other electrical gadgets, the induction stoves are very simple t use. The control panel is simple and you can understand how to use it very easily. These cookers come with manuals and by reading that once, anyone can use it easily.
  • Simple to carry: Unlike the regular gas stove that you use in the kitchen, these induction cookers are simple to carry from one place to the other. Most of the brands make them light weight so that they are portable and yet functional.
  • Save Money: Induction cookers are cheaper than many other gas and electrical appliances. These help in saving money and of course more money is saved with consumption of less electricity.
  • Safety: The burners stay cool in induction cookers and there is no concern of burnt hands or any kind of dangerous fumes in the kitchen.

Best Brands of Induction Cookers

  • Bajaj
  • Butterfly
  • Faber
  • Havells
  • Morphy Richards
  • Phillips
  • Prestige
  • Singer
  • Sunflame
  • Westinghouse

Tips to Buy Induction Cookers

There are some essential tips that must be kept in mind while buying induction cookers. Some of them are as follows:

  • Induction Elements:

One of the most important things that you should consider while buying induction cookers is to check the number of induction elements. The number can vary from one to six in a cooker. Usually a good induction stove will have four to six elements and it is always good to choose a design which has elements of different sizes.

  • Sensors:

The induction cooktop that you buy must have a sensor that has the ability to detect a pan. The cooktop will generate heat once it has detected a pan is placed on it. Once the pan is removed from the plate, the sensor shuts off the cooker and this is very important from the point of saving energy. Another sensor that should be there in the induction cooker is the size sensor which enables the plate to adjust the heat to the size of the pan placed on it.

  • Size:

Induction cookers come in different sizes and it is important to buy the right one. The cooker which has six sensors is considered to be an ideal size.

  • Settings:

The power settings on the induction cookers are another very important thing that should be considered when buying the cooktop. More settings allow cooking different dishes at different temperatures. The ones with more settings are costlier and thus, you must buy as per your needs.

Cleaning an Induction Cooker

The induction cookers are very simple to clean. The chances of food getting burnt on it are minimum and even if something like milk or oil gets spilled on it, it can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. The maintenance of these cookers is simple and with the number of advantages they have, they are a good appliance for every kitchen.