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Emergency Light

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Emergency Light

An emergency light is a battery backed light used during the time of power failure, absence of adequate light in room or roads or in any kind of emergency. They require a battery backing system or generating system that generates light in case of power outage. They can be solar powered or rechargeable through electricity. A handy electrical appliance that’s very simple to use and maintain and also to make sure that you don’t have any dark moments.

How Is It Useful:

An emergency light is the first thing you sought after when there is a sudden power outage. They can be useful in various other ways.

1.       They are useful on a street with no adequate lighting system. Emergency lights are portable and can be carried anywhere.

2.       Certain solar powered emergency lights do not even require charging with electricity. Use the solar energy to charge it and use it at no expenditure and you can do your bit for the nature as well.

3.       The battery backed emergency lights consume the least power but gives you the more efficient lighting in minimal cost.

4.       LED emergency lights are fast getting popular and mostly because of its high output with very less usage of resources.

5.       Online emergency lights are those which are on the charging mode throughout and immediately act on power outage. They look like the regular tube lights and ideal for lighting up a passage or corridor.

6.       It very often happens that while cooking you face a power failure, in such situations, an Emergency light comes in as a life saver.

7.       During examinations every second is important for students and a power failure at such time can be disastrous. An emergency light in such a time would ensure you don’t lose valuable time.


Few of the best brands available are:

1.       Khaitan.

2.       Eveready.

3.       Mitva.

4.       Philips.

Tips To Buy:

Before you buy certain features to look for are:

1.       Wattage. Look out for the wattage of emergency light. The more the wattage, the better is the lighting.

2.       Charging system. Look out for the charging system.

3.       Look for an emergency light that has a sturdy build quality so that it lasts for a longer duration of time.

4.       One also needs to look for the materials they are made up of. As glass based Emergency lights can be difficult to handle and at times be dangerous for kids. It is rather preferred to get an emergency light make up of high quality plastic.

5.       If it a chargeable Emergency light, make sure that the charging wires are long enough.

6.       Another important factor to keep in mind while looking for an emergency light is its weight, the lighter it is the better it is to handle.

7.       It is also important to keep in mind the duration till which the Emergency light would provide services before going out, so that you charge it on time.

How To Use:

1.       Check for the type of charging the emergency light employs. It is advisable to charge the light for specified number of hours before the first time you use it.

2.       Turn on the switch when there is a power failure and remove darkness.

3.       Once it gets discharged, make sure you charge it.

4.       Detach the charging cord when in use.

5.       To clean wipe the light with soft dry cloth.