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Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacuum Cleaner

The modern life of people in urban areas constitutes of every entity that is fast. Fast food, quick rice maker, dishwasher, clothes washing machine, quick cab service and everything else that you can name of, is fast. So has become the skill to keep a home neat, clean and sparkling. Vacuum cleaners are one of the appliances that help you to manage home, office and household work efficiently. Not just working individuals can use this to manage their time but also the homemakers can use this to complete their work quick and find that nice quality time for self!

What is a Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is an electrical appliance used to clean furniture, floors, narrow spaces in homes where hands cannot reach without tugging and pulling the objects and soft articles like cushions, mattresses etc. It contains an air pump that creates a vacuum to suck up dirt and dust from the furniture, floors or any other object that prone to get spoilt by dust and dirt. The dust is collected in a dust-bag which can be emptied in a dustbin later. Vacuum cleaners are used in homes as well as in industries, corporates, hospitals to get a perfectly dust free environment. Though domestic vacuum cleaners are small and portable, the vacuum cleaners used in the industries are a bit bulky and of high power. They may contain a dust-bag or may not. Few are hand held while others are mounted on holders. But in anyway, they give you a clean and dust free home, safe for you and your kids.

How Useful is a Vacuum Cleaner:

1.       It cleans dirt and dust easily with very less manual labor. The labor of operating the cleaner is all that is involved, you do not have to put in extra pressure to rub, dust or clean. It does everything.

2.       Carpets and floor spreads which are difficult to wash and clean are easily cleaned but removing the micro dust particles. Vacuum cleaners have the technology to adjust all by themselves when you switch from bare floor to carpeted one.

3.       They clean areas beside the cupboards and chests where hands with mops cannot reach. Extra thin nozzles suck up all the dirt from such corners.

4.       Easy removal of cobwebs and dusts from curtains without even dragging a chair to stand up on and do the cleaning. Hold the cleaner, raise your hand to the height and it cleans. The size of the cleaning stick can be adjusted according to height.

5.       They emit hot air which is ideal for cleaning sofas and mattresses and also removing the fines wrinkle lines by ironing them up!

6.       Most vacuum cleaners can mop the floor too. This means not only you are freed from using a broom but also from the use of a mob and using pressures to clean the dirt.

7.       Dust on furniture can cause dust allergies and skin rashes. The neat cleaning by the vacuum cleaners keeps such diseases at a bay.


The brands of vacuum cleaners that work the best are:

1.       Black & Decker

2.       Eureka Forbes

3.       Inalsa

4.       Morphy Richards

5.       Panasonic

6.       Philips

Tips to Buy Vacuum Cleaners:

Vacuum cleaners are in use since a hundred years and have evolved much with the changing market needs and trends. Therefore you need to make a few considerations before you buy to end up having the best performing vacuum cleaner as per your needs. Few of which are:

1.       Consider the usage: consider the use for which you plan to buy the cleaner. For domestic use, you can go for a smaller one but if you have a residential office, go for a bulkier one with more power. Again, if your home has a lot of furniture, get one with more accessories like sleek nozzle etc. to clean the places where you can’t clean using the normal cleaning stick of the cleaner.

2.       Weight of the cleaner: go for the light weight cleaner as the heavy ones, tough can seem to be efficient in working, become difficult to carry them around the house and also on a fleet of stairs.

3.       Accessories: check the accessories before you buy. Check for the filter, dust bag, canister etc. This will help you judge a particular cleaner against your needs.

How to Use:

A vacuum cleaner is very simple to use. Carefully read the instruction manual before you start to get a brief about the specifications and usage. Fit the type of stick or nozzle as per your need, plug it in and turn on the switch. And you can go ahead with a perfect cleaning experience. Empty the bag regularly and keep checking for the filters for the need of replacement. Wipe the cleaner with a soft cloth. Follow the settings to dis-assemble it.

Have a clean and a healthy home!