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Hand Blender

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Hand Blender

A hand blender is a kitchen appliance used to blend, mix, whip and stir ingredients in the container they are used to prepare a dish. It is different from a mixer grinder as it removes the hassles of transferring large chunks of vegetables or fruits into a container and then blend it. Electric hand blenders blend the ingredients in any container they are in; even when the container is over a stove! Gone are the days when blender meant only the manual blender used to whip egg for omlette. The hand blenders now can help you prepare a fantastic soup to crush ice for kulfis (a sweet dish) and that too with the least manual effort from your end. Hand blenders have been in use since 1960s in the professional kitchens of restaurants in Europe. It was invented on 1950 and termed ‘bemix’. Hand blenders are widely in use as a home kitchen appliance since 1980s. They have a sleek body with varieties of blades at the end for whipping, crushing, mixing or blending. Also called bar blenders due to the shape.hey can be cordless or corded, it helps you add elegance and bounce to your dish in seconds!

How Is A Hand Blender Useful?

A hand blender is not just a blender. It can be used for several other purposes and for a number of recipes.

1.       Soups: hand blenders prove very useful in making soups. For cream of vegetable or corn soup, hand blenders can be used to smash and blend the vegetables into a thick puree and use for making soups. Emulsify the soup you make using a blender on it.

2.       Smoothies: hand blenders make excellent smoothies. You can use them to smooth out bananas or strawberries and blend them with yoghurt to make a yummy smoothie. Young members of a family can use it too as it is easy to use and fun to watch it working.

3.       Crushing ice: need to make ice cream or a sweet dish with crushed ice? The hand mixer will do it. Just change the blade and it crushes hard ice to a powdery lump of very fine grains ready to use.

4.       Cakes and Puddings: cakes and puddings need whipping of milk and flavors. The taste depends on how well you mix your ingredients. An electric hand blender will give you the finest mix of ingredients for a pudding. The batter for a cake needs to be whipped continuously for a softer mass. Why shed sweat for it when the hand blender can do it for you in just a jiffy? Make the smoothest batter with a hand blender.

5.       Whipping cream:  love to eat fruit salads? Whip the cream into a smooth one with the blender and serve over the salad, fruit salad would have never tasted so delicious!

6.       Puree: shun the hard work of grinding and using a mortar and pestle to make a puree for your recipe. Use a hand blender to save the time and energy to make a perfect puree for the dish!


The various brands of hand blenders on sale are:

1.       Inalsa

2.       Westinghouse

3.       Sunflame

4.       Kenwood

5.       Khaitan

6.       Morphy Richards

7.       Oster

8.       Philips

9.       Prestige

10.   Singer

Tips To Buy A Hand Blender:

You do not buy a hand blender every day. So it is necessary that you look out for a few things in a hand blender before you buy it.

1.       Check the variety of blades available. There are separate blades for crushing ice, blending vegetables or whipping cream. Check for the availability. Though your primary use is whipping and blending, a few additional features might come handy during adhoc situations.

2.       Check for the wattage. Blenders come in different wattages. They define the power of the blender, how well it rotates to do your work! More wattage, better the product? Well, it is. But all depends on what purpose you want to use it for!

3.       Check for product warranty and price. There are not many places where you will get the best products in bargain-able prices.

How to Use:

A hand blender is a very easy to use kitchen appliance. With a few simple steps, you will get the recipe look stylish:

  • Immerse it in the container containing ingredients for blending or mixing.
  • Turn on the power switch.
  • Release and immerse periodically to catch the un-smashed lumps of potato or fruits or vegetables and blend it further.
  • Continue till you get a smooth paste.

It will take hardly a minute to complete the entire process.

To clean:

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe out the cord, if any
  • Wash the blades in running water or warm water.

Safety Tips:

A few safety tips:

1.       Assist young ones when they use it.

2.       Keep it safe and do not leave it handing from the edge of the table or allow the contact of plug with water.

3.       Make sure you use a narrow and deep container from the usual flat ones to blend to avoid spilling and splattering of ingredients.

4.       Turn off the power before you take it out from the vessel and remove the cord when not in use.

5.       Keep away fingers, cloth material etc from the blades.

Enjoy the luxury of smoothness!