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Myprotein Weight Gainer is an excellent supplement that not only helps in quick and healthy weight gain but also has a lot of health benefits. Myprotein impact weight gainer supplements are a great sustainable source of energy, which are formulated with a lot of good calories. The weight gainer supplements by Myprotein helps with growth and maintenance of muscle mass. The supplement helps in strengthening your muscles and rapid muscle recovery like that of any whey protein supplement and BCAA supplement. This protein and carbs rich mass gainer supplement is available in a lot of delicious flavours.
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Myprotein Weight Gainer: A Healthy Supplement To Gain Weight

Are you looking out for a healthy weight gainer? Then you are exactly at the right place. Myprotein is a well-known brand which offers a variety of wellness products that can help you gain weight easily and in a healthy way.
For our body to gain weight we need a good amount of calories, which means we have to consume more calories than what our body can burn. Myprotein Weight Gainer provides you nothing but clean calories and helps you in achieving your target easily.

Why Choose Myprotein Impact Weight Gainers?

The Myprotein Gainer is one of the best weight gainers available in the market with the right blend of slow and fast-digesting proteins. Here are some of the most benefits of using Myprotein weight gainer:

  • Helps in building lean muscle mass
    Myprotein weight gainer contains the perfect blend of proteins, which helps in speedy recovery of muscles from fatigue and muscle growth. The easy to absorb, slow and fast digesting proteins help in maintaining the muscle mass.
  • A sustainable energy source
    The Myprotein weight gainer is rich in carbohydrates from maltodextrin and oats flour, which helps in energizing your body post-workout and lends it a huge calorie boost, much-required for the next session of workout. The weight gainer provides you with 50g of carbohydrates per serving.
  • Helps in faster muscle recovery
    The weight gainer provides 30 grams of protein per serving which makes it a perfect post recovery supplement. The product is not only effective in building muscle tissues, but also helps your body recover from post-workout stress and fatigue.
  • MyProtein weight gainer is delicious
    The Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer is available in delicious Chocolate smooth flavour and provides you with 388 calories per serving.

MyProtein Impact Weight Gainer
Benefits of consuming Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer

  • Myprotein weight gainer helps in healthy bulking up
  • Apart from being delicious this weight gainer also improves your workout performance
  • It is a high-calorie diet with the goodness of protein, fats, fiber and carbohydrates.
  • It is an excellent post-workout recovery supplement
  • It helps in muscle synthesis
  • Myprotein Weight gainers helps in booting your strength and energy

How to Consume Myprotein Impact Weight Gainers?

Add 500-1000 ml water or full fat milk along with 3 1/3 large scoops ( about 100g) of Myprotein weight gainer in a shaker, Shake it well for about 40 to 45 seconds and then consume it within half an hour. You can consume it both as a pre or post workout supplement or with MyProtein BCAA.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Weight Gainer make you fat?

No, mass gainers do not make you fat as these supplements are formulated using the right quantity of protein, fat and carbs along with fiber. It doesn't contain any extra amount of sugar. Mass gainers help in the gain of muscle mass and not body fat.

2. Is Weight gainer healthy?

Yes! A good quality mass gainer supplement which has no added sugar and high amount of protein is always considered as a healthy dietary supplement.

3. When should I drink weight gainer?

You can drink mass gainer in the morning, before a workout session, after a rigorous workout session and even before going to bed. However, make sure before making any changes in your diet plan consult an expert or a doctor.

4. Can I take weight gainer before bed?

Yes! You can consume mass gainers before bed as it helps in healthy weight gain. However, the mass gainer that you consume should contain a good amount of protein in it.

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