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Nutrabay Plant Proteins

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Enjoy the organic nutritional benefits of Nutrabay plant protein supplements which contain vegan ingredients that can elevate your health from within. The rich proteins from various natural resources provide effective results for muscle building and enhance the body’s immunity, ensuring an active lifestyle. Some are enriched with superfoods which help to manage your gut health. The bioavailability of a full amino acid profile helps to elevate strength for better performance.

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Maintain Your Fitness Organically With Nutrabay Plant Protein

Nutrabay provides a range of products that manage wellness and fitness for most active individuals. It ensures the authenticity of each supplement with high-quality ingredients and effective experiences.

Nutrabay plant protein supplements are premium plant-based proteins also suited for lactose intolerants or individuals looking for a dairy-free protein product. This rich protein powder helps to build muscles, strengthen lean muscles and ensure faster recovery after extreme workouts. A high concentration of proteins and amino acids also boosts the immune system and boosts energy. Active individuals can enjoy it as a pre or post-workout drink that can enhance their bodily functions and prevent any external threats to their health.

Benefits & Uses Of Nutrabay Plant Protein

There are various advantages of consuming Nutrabay plant based protein, as it is crafted with the most nutritious elements that can boost your health for a better future.

  • Promotes muscle strength: The high-quality proteins and amino acid help to manage muscle growth. It elevates muscle strength and provides lean muscle mass for better physical structure.
  • Improves muscle recovery speed: These supplements boost your energy levels and provide faster muscle recovery. It increases muscle endurance for better workout training.
  • Provides bone and joint health: Their nutritional values help to improve bone and joint health. The calcium present in this supplement helps to fight any bone or joint damage. It improves bone density and joint flexibility, which makes heavy workouts easier.
  • Enhances body immunity: These supplements help to reduce free radicals, which can damage body cells, and provides a better immunity boost. It protects the body from severe diseases and encourages smoother body functions. These supplements are high in nutrients that can aid in the fight against external bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.
  • Regulates digestion and metabolism: These supplements contain a variety of digestive enzymes that aid in protein digestion and absorption. It also improves metabolism, which improves gut function and keeps it healthy.
  • Builds healthier routine: These supplements contain a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, calories, etc which helps to improve health in one way or another. It also helps to fight against body inflammations and prevents the risks of suffering from health disorders like heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

Composition Of Nutrabay Plant Protein

There are many nutritional elements of these Nutrabay plant proteins, and each variant is uniquely packed with essential nutrients.

  • Nutrabay Pure Pea Protein Isolate

This Nutrabay variant provides only one main ingredient, which contributes to your natural health.

  1. Pea protein isolate: This supplement contains 25.3 g of protein, which is sourced completely from pea protein. The quality is similar to animal-based protein. This protein with all essential amino acids helps to manage muscle development and provides fitness benefits. It is the only ingredient present in this supplement.
  • Nutrabay Wellness Vegan Plant Protein + Superfoods

There are many components contributing to this supplement, which allows it to have a unique composition that delivers healthier outcomes.  

  1. Pea protein isolates: This supplement contains 25.3 g of protein derived from high-quality peas, which are highly beneficial for health.  
  2. Malt extract: It is a great source of good bacteria which helps in digestion and helps to reduce bad bacteria.
  3. Enzyme blend: The blend of protease, cellulase, lactase, amylase and lipase digestive enzymes help to absorb the protein and amino acids which produces better digestion.  
  4. Linum usitatissimum extract: This ingredient contains omega-3 fatty acids and is beneficial for gastrointestinal functions. It is traditionally known as flaxseed extract, which contains many medicinal factors.
  5. Spirulina dried powder: It contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  6. Oryza sativa L.: It is also known as black rice, which is also beneficial as it is an antioxidant which treats sores, pain, swings, etc. it contains healing properties after a heavy workout.
  7. Moringa oleifera extract: This ingredient helps the body detox, which is possible due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory help.   

Where to Buy the Nutrabay Plant Protein

There are multiple flavours that help to balance fitness and taste for active individuals or strict fitness freaks. The price of Nutrabay plant protein in India is appropriate to its quality, as it provides healthy results in no time. You can find these products at a discount from HealthKart.

FAQ's Related to Nutrabay Plant Protein

Q1: What are the benefits of Nutrabay plant protein for sports or athletic individuals?
Ans: You can enjoy muscle mass growth, and strength with faster muscle recovery. It can strengthen your immune system and increase metabolism.

Q2: What are the two variants of Nutrabay plant protein?
Ans: Nutrabay Pure Pea Protein Isolate and Nutrabay Wellness Vegan Plant Protein + Superfoods are the two variants of Nutrabay plant protein.

Q3: How to consume Nutrabay plant protein?
Ans: You can add 200-250 ml of water with one scoop of this powdered supplement. Mix it well until it's completely dissolved, and drink immediately.

Q4: Where is Nutrabay Pure Pea Protein Isolate manufactured?
Ans: This supplement is manufactured in Haryana, India.  

Q5: What is the price of Nutrabay Pure Pea Protein Isolate?
Ans: The price of Nutrabay Pure Pea Protein Isolate is Rs. 999 on HealthKart.


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