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MuscleBlaze BCAA/Amino Acids

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MuscleBlaze BCAA/Amino Acids

What is MuscleBlaze BCAA?

MuscleBlaze BCAA can be consumed pre, intra and post workout to help increase protein synthesis and reduce muscle breakdown. Amino acids form the building blocks of protein that play a vital role in all biological processes. If you are dedicated to starting a weight-lifting workout program, the next step to take is to get your nutrition and supplement protocol in line. This approach will help you maximize the results you get from your workouts. 
MuscleBlaze is one of the top brands in India that offers various bodybuilding supplements. One of them is BCAA. MuscleBlaze BCAA helps in fat loss and in muscle building. It is widely consumed by the athletes, bodybuilders, power-lifters, and weight training enthusiasts. Every MuscleBlaze supplement undergoes stringent quality tests and adheres to the highest standard throughout its development process. This supplement is formulated using quality ingredients that ensure great taste with rapid muscle growth. 

Why is MuscleBlaze BCAA better?

Amongst several of BCAAs available in the market, MuscleBlaze BCAA has become one of the prime choices of the customers, pan-India. All over India, athletes and bodybuilders are consuming MuscleBlaze BCAA to increase muscle energy. MuscleBlaze BCAA is a 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, helps to reduce catabolism, strengthen the immune system and promote tissue growth & repair.  

Taste & Mixability

MuscleBlaze BCAA is a great health supplement, that mixes well with water. Just mix in a jar with spoon, blender or shaker cup. MuscleBlaze BCAA Powder comes in different flavors and has a great taste. 

Following are the MuscleBlaze BCAA Benefits:

  • Improves Muscle Growth - It is one of the primary reasons that people turn to BCAA or amino acid supplements.
  • Reduced Fatigue - MuscleBlaze BCAA supplements are best for pre or post workout sessions. This supplement increases and generates energy for people working out for fitness regimes and for sports.
  • Protects Muscle Inflammation - If you are more into strenuous workout then there are chances to experience soreness. Taking MuscleBlaze BCAA reduces muscle inflammation to provide you with the required energy for intense exercising. 
  • Treats Muscle Disorders - Consumption of BCAA Supplements or foods in dietary routines help overcome the Tardive Dyskinesia symptom –a muscular disorder.
  • Improves Brain Function - BCAA or Amino Acid generates protein and thus provides energy to the body. They are a proven essential in supplying energy to the brain cells. 

MuscleBlaze BCAA has two varieties which are:

MuscleBlaze BCAA Pro is one of the most powerful drink for intra-workout. This Pineapple flavored supplement is a power packed combination of 7 g BCAA, 2.5 g Glutamine, 1170 mg Electrolytes and 1 g Citrulline Malte in each serving.
  • BCAAs act as a powerful intra-workout drink for muscle building
  • Glutamine lessens catabolism and increase muscle recovery rate
  • Citrulline Malte reduces lactic acid and ammonia and increase blood flow
MuscleBlaze BCAA 6000 contains preferred 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine respectively. This supplement activates protein synthesis by reducing catabolic muscle breakdown, to help you perform heavy workouts easily. MuscleBlaze BCAA powder is available in two different flavors like Pineapple and Tangy Orange. 

Where to purchase MuscleBlaze BCAA?

HealthKart is a leading online health portal that offers all MuscleBlaze BCAA products. Get this supplement from us at the most lucrative rates. We deliver this supplement to your doorsteps.