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Baby Toys, India

When it comes to toys, they mean serious business – to you and your baby! While your baby loves to put them to play, you get them to learn the world around. Developing skills that go a long way is another advantage you can’t over rule.

It is come to notice that leaning begins as soon as the child is born. And as they say—what the child absorbs during his formative years is more or less like cement! Toys are therefore not just play, but so much more than where your mind can wander. Of course, this involves careful buying and choosing the ones that are most suitable at every age.

0-12 Months

For the first few months, your baby can’t really do more than simply observing their surroundings. What they do notice is bright colored objects and bold patterns. Since the vision is still blurry, colors, textures and patterns is what come to play at this stage. Though they don’t have the power to even grip an object, yet they love to see toys around them.   

In order to engage their senses, toy developers from around the world take into consideration: distractive noise, nubby texture and soft & cuddly surface.

Top Baby Toys:

  • Brightly colored, multi textures crib mobiles
  • Squeaking or crinkling sound rattles
  • Push and pull toys
  • Bath toys
  • Soft stuffed animals and dolls with a smiling face
  • Stuffed fabric balls

What to avoid?

  • Toys with strings and chords
  • PVC products
  • Small objects
  • Toys that come with small parts
  • Stuffed animals with loosely sewed parts that can come off
  • Sharp toys
  • Toys with led based paint

1-2 Years

Dring this stage, your baby’s motor skills have been developed and they would love anything that would respond to them. Toys with cause and effect mechanism are what you should be buying at this stage. Since they are too young to learn ABCD’s, they will enjoy toys that are interactive and expose them to language.

Baby toys best suited:

  • Toys that allow to hit balls with hammer
  • Push or pull toys that create sound
  • Simple musical instruments that sets to action when a single button is pressed
  • Shape sorters
  • Four or five piece puzzles
  • Large play vehicles like bus, fire engines, etc.
  • Bath toys like rubber ducks
  • Characters that pop-up

What to avoid?

  • Small objects like marbles
  • Toys with small parts
  • Stuffed animals with loose parts
  • Sharp edged toys
  • Toys made with led based paint

2-3 Years

Your child’s play is so much purposeful at this age. What they demand are toys that allow them to remain busy, and in the process—learn. They can build blocks now, or solve a little more complicated puzzle. Of course, with your help! At this stage, kids also love toys that imitate the actions of people around them. Example: a girl might pretend to feed her doll, or be a doctor to an ailing toy. A boy will use his sand truck to become a constructor. So on and so forth.  

Baby toys best applicable for this age:

  • Dolls and stuffed toys
  • Toys that act as props: toy telephone, tea-party set, kitchen set, etc.
  • Tricycles and other ride-on toys. The ones with horn honks are the most loved!
  • Musical instruments. The best amongst them are those with flashing lights
  • Puzzle, blocks and other construction toys

What to avoid?

  • Electronic toys
  • Remote control toys without parental supervision
  • Toys made with led based paint
  • Sharp edged toys
  • Mini bikes
  • Costumes that might trip them

4-5 Years

At this stage, you will notice a tremendous explosion of learning ability. This time is the best to introduce your kid to an array of baby toys that promote verbal, technical, mathematical and analytical skills.

Baby toys range from:

  • Art and craft kits
  • Blocks. Introduce them to different shapes
  • Electronic toys that makes some sound
  • Construction sets with large block pieces
  • Complex puzzles
  •  Action figures or dolls
  • Transportation toys to let them fantasize being airplane pilots, doctors or a teacher
  • Board games. Make sure they don’t require reading
  • Soccer balls, basketballs and other outdoor play things
  • Bicycles with training wheels

What to avoid?

  • Small or sharp objects
  • Toys that do not say positive things. Example: buy toys that say ‘good job’ rather than making negative beep sounds

6-7 Years

At this stage, your child starts to develop his own interests. While some are keen to perform science experiments (with your help), the others might find drawing interesting. Choosing the right toy at this age totally depends upon your kids likes.  You can also introduce them to remote-control cars, art, craft or science kits, dolls, computer or video games, construction sets, sports equipment’s and board games.

8+ Years

Outdoor activities take the lead at this stage. Interests, hobbies and abilities take the front seat. Toys like computer and video games, elaborate kits, outdoor sports equipment, intricate construction sets, board games and model sets is what you should be investing in at this stage.