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Menopause Test Kit

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Menopause Kit

Sometime in late 40s or early 50s, every woman goes through menopause. During this time the hormone levels begin to drop. And there is a gradual change in the bone density, in hair etc. A woman who is not aware of this will find it strange and irritating. This is the time when the menstrual cycle ceases. During menopause, a woman will need to change her lifestyle and bring about changes to deal with the changing levels of hormones in her body. This is why the menopause kits come in handy, to determine whether it is time to accept the change in your body or not.

Similar to pregnancy test kits, menopause kits are also available at the chemist stores. They can be used to determine the amount of follicle stimulating hormone in the urine. By testing your urine you cannot be 100% whether you are going through menopause. During the menopause period as the hormones are changing, the FSH levels fluctuate. You can attribute these changes to find out where you are in your menstrual cycle or presume that some changes in the hormone level have occurred. These tests do not show when the changes have occurred.

Before you use a Menopause kit, you should know a few things:

  • Menopause kits can be used to find out the FSH levels in the urine, but there are many things that can alter the results. It depends upon the amount of water you may have consumed before the test, whether it was the first urine of the morning. Even if you have discontinued certain medications, the results can vary.
  • Menopause kits can give a false negative or positive test result, if you have been on certain medication such as hormone replacement therapy, estrogen supplements or oral contraceptives and you suddenly stop taking these medications.
  • Menopause kits can be used very easily. It is similar to testing your diabetes or pregnancy by using a strip and holding in the stream of urine. This test is done while you are on your menstrual cycle and it is done about a week later. The menopause kits come with user’s instructions that should be followed carefully.
  • If you have stopped menstruating and it’s been quite some time then you can test anytime during the month and then test it again a week later. If you test positive for menopause it does not mean that your menopause has started. The indication is that there is a change in the hormone levels.
  • In the same way a negative test cannot necessarily confirm that your menopause has not started.  Testing for menopause at home with these kits is still something new. Before you bring about any change in your life for e.g. you stop taking any birth control pill or any medication you should consult your physician.

You can use these kits to test for menopause but you cannot take the results as 100% affirmative, it is better to take a physician’s advice and get yourself tested whether you still have the ability to conceive a child. These kits offer a rough guide, so that you can schedule your gynecologist appointment accordingly to discuss how to deal with menopause and the symptoms that accompany it.