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Panty Liners

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Panty Liners


Women use panty liners for a variety of reasons. Some use it to cope with regular vaginal discharge which varies from person to person and others use it during the light days of their menstrual cycle. It offers some protection against urinary incontinence also. The panty liner has an adhesive back and is worn on the inside of the gussets of the underwear. Panty liners are sometimes called panty shield too.

Panty liners resemble sanitary pads in the way they are constructed, but they are a lot thinner and narrower than regular pads. They cannot absorb the amount of fluid a sanitary napkin can but then they are not made for that purpose. They are perfect for days when women have to deal with wetness resulting from vaginal discharge or the last days of the period.

Here are a few things to note about Pant Liners:

  • Panty liners, like sanitary pads, come in varying sizes. They can be paper thin or thicker but they are always worn stuck to the inner side of the panties. Many of these come delicately perfumed and can be bought in just pairs or by the dozen in a carton.
  • Some panty liners have wings on the sides that go around the panties, keeping them stable and not shifting around all the time. Manufacturers of healthcare products market them. While disposing them off, care must be taken to remove the plastic backing to make them more environmentally friendly.
  • Panty liners also come in reusable form. These are worn fixed to the panty with wings that go round the gusset area and can be joined at the back. These liners can be washed and reused for years. Those individuals who feel strongly about all that cotton going to landfills would prefer to use these.
  • Young adolescents who have just started menstruating have irregular periods and for them these panty liners are just the protection they need for a short period when they can reach for something more substantial.
  • Individuals should however remember that it will not do for days when heavier flow is the norm. It is common to notice a little discharge on the days when a woman is ovulating. These panty liners help to keep panties clean and stain free.
  • Panty liners are often individually wrapped to keep them sterile. These can be put into a purse or a small handbag as a hedge against unexpected periods. Mature women also use panty liners as a backup for tampons.

There are individuals who use a panty liner every single day because of wetness issues. The jury is out on whether that is a good practice after all. Gynecologists advise that wearing a panty liner all the time could block ventilation in the crotch area and actually increase discharge and growth of yeast. Also, the poor ventilation and the failure to change the panty liner frequently can increase risk to Urinary Infections.

Those individuals who get irritation when they use regular panty liners can switch to reusable cloth ones that are really thin. They are soft and can hardly be felt. These can be washed and reused for years. For ultimate comfort, cotton cloth ones can be chosen.