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Sanitary Napkin

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Sanitary Napkins

Every woman needs sanitary napkins when she is having her menstrual period. These napkins are a hygienic way to control the menstrual flow and are a great convenience. Since they are available in a variety of designs and sizes, they can be chosen as per convenience and the flow too. Some women could be allergic to sanitary napkins; these can cause itch and irritation and in such a case the gynaecologist will suggest a pure cotton sanitary pad that offers more air circulation.

Sanitary napkins are more hygienic, cheaper and easier to use as compared to tampons. They don’t have to be inserted inside the vagina, but can easily be stuck to the inside of the panty and worn like panty liners. There are many kinds of sanitary napkins available – maxi, regular, napkins with side walls, napkins with wings and even extra-large napkins can offer protection against heavy flows and prevent leakage and stains. With sanitary napkins, a woman can have a comfortable, dry and hygienic period without a worry, as she continues with her day to day routine activities without a hitch.

Here is how you can use sanitary napkins with ease:

  • Choose a sanitary napkin that is well suited to your flow. If you have light periods, choose a regular pad. For heavier flows use an extra-large pad or those with wings to secure it better and avoid shifting of the pad when you move around freely.
  • Don’t be scared of thin pads, these pads are more absorbent than you might know. Most thin pads have a special formula that turns any absorbed liquid in to gel and hold sit in place. These are thin, so they don’t show even if you are wearing tight trousers or jeans and can absorb well for up to 3 to 4 hours. These thin pads are even more comfortable to sit.
  • Make sure you change the sanitary napkin every 3 hours or so. This way, you reduce risk to infections and rashes.
  • Sanitary napkins with wings are best for teenagers and young women who lead an active lifestyle. Since such women are required to be on the move through the day, the pad stays secure because of the wings, which can be folded out and stuck to the sides of the panty.
  • For night time, all women need extra care because it isn’t possible to change the sanitary napkin even 3 hours. This is why, a special night napkin that is extra-large and has a bigger absorption power is best.

When choosing the right sanitary napkins, you will have to keep a few things in mind. The 3 rules for choosing the right sanitary napkins are:

  • Choose a napkin with good absorbency, especially if you are active all day long
  • Choose the right length depending on your flow. Longer napkins are ideal for the heavy flow days and smaller napkins will do the job when the flow is light and almost over.
  • Choose sanitary napkins based on the material. You can choose from plastic netted or cotton ones based on your needs.