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Stay Fresh and Confident with Tampons


Tampons are very popular among women as it is a hassle free way to deal with the menstrual fluid during their periods. These are cylindrical in shape and are made with high absorbent materials that are compressed together to form a compact shape. These tampons are usually made with high quality cotton and rayon material and are also a safer option when compared to other methods. These tampons are very healthy and maintain the hygiene during your period as it eliminates the necessity of menstrual flow leaving your body. These can be easily placed inside your vagina and erases the necessity of seepage or leakage of fluids which might spoil the dress.

Doubts about tampons:

If you are a first timer, then you might have a bit of doubt in using a tampon. But the good news is there is no need to have any concerns as it can be held in the place perfectly and will not travel upwards in your body. Also the cervix of your uterus is very small opening for your tampon to fit in it. The tampons come with strings attached to it which makes the process of inserting and removing very easy. Even if the strings get inserted along with the tampons accidentally, there is no need to panic as it can be removed easily even without the strings.

Tampons are a blessing in disguise as moving around during your periods and performing the normal tasks can be very risky. But with tampons on, you can be relaxed and even indulge in any of your favorite activity such as trekking, climbing, dancing, camping or vacationing as the tampons can hold the menstrual fluid even when you are indulging in such activities. You can even indulge in swimming as it might make the tampons only slightly wet and you can change it once you have dried yourselves. Also the materials are designed to be very soft as it can make you very comfortable and relaxed without any irritation or problems.

Importance of having tampons:

Tampons are an easy way to stop the spread of any bacterial or viral infection as the blood flow gets collected outside your body; it mixes with the outside air that gives it the odor and creates other infections. This is eliminated completely as it curbs the flow to the outer part of your body. Hence you can always stay fresh and active without any fear of bacterial growth or infection. But always make sure that you change your tampons every four hours. It can differ to even shorter time depending on the flow. But take care never to leave it longer than eight hours as it might cause unwanted infections.

If you have doubts on knowing whether you are full or not, you can slightly tug on your tampons with the help of the strings, if it comes out smoothly, then you can change to a fresh one. But on the other hand, if you feel it provides a bit of resistance then you can keep it a little longer. Even after four to five hours, if you feel the same amount of resistance, then you can understand that your flow is very low.  Always remember to dispose the tampons by wrapping it in a toilet paper and dispose it in sanitary bins. But always ensure that you do not flush it in toilet as it might clog the plumbing system.

Varieties of tampons:

There are many types of tampons, such as the ones attached with the strings and the ones attached with an applicator.  The plastic applicator on the tampons helps you to insert the tampon easily. This is also more comfortable than the ones with strings. Also it has rounded tips for easy insertion and the applicator helps in placing it firmly in position. These tampons come with plastic covers that are designed to be purse resistant wrapped around it to ensure that the tampons are free from any infection. These also have tabs on the wrapper that makes it easy to use.

These tampons are available in a variety of sizes such as mini tampons which are a requirement during mild spotting days and can be used during the first or last day of your periods. The regular tampons are fit for medium flow of period days and the super tampons are designed especially for days with heavy menstrual flow. With these three types, you can manage high flow and low flow days with great ease. These tampons can be availed at online shopping sites to maintain discretion.