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Bhumija Bhumiprash Chyawanprash - Pack of 2, 60 capsules
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Bhumija Bhumiprash Chyawanprash - Pack of 2, 60 capsules

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  • Strengthens the immunity of the body
  • Keeps your bones and gums healthy
  • Stimulates your cardiovascular health
  • Eliminates toxins from the body

Bhumija Bhumiprash Chyawanprash capsules are made of organic materials that help in revitalizing your mind and body. The capsules boost the immunity of your body to enhance the natural defence against diseases. Regular intake of Bhumiprash Chyawanprash capsules enhance the energy level of your body that keeps you active and enable you to perform your daily tasks well. These capsules keep your bones and gums healthy, while providing you with young and healthy skin. Further possessing antioxidant properties, these Chyawanprash capsules eliminate free radicals from the body that lowers cell damage and promotes healthy functions of your body cells. It keeps you young and lowers the risk of pre-mature ageing. A healthy cardiovascular system is maintained by consuming these capsules and keeps you away from cardiovascular diseases. So, bring home these Bhumija Bhumiprash Chyawanprash capsules to live fit and healthy.