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Kotak RBL Bank
Kotak EMI Details
EMI Tenure (months) Bank Interest Rate (%) Monthly Installments (Rs.) Total Amount (Rs.)
3 12.0 417.89 1253.67
6 12.0 212.06 1272.36
9 14.0 144.64 1301.76
12 14.0 110.35 1324.2
RBL Bank EMI Details
EMI Tenure (months) Bank Interest Rate (%) Monthly Installments (Rs.) Total Amount (Rs.)
3 13.0 418.57 1255.71
6 13.0 212.67 1276.02
9 13.0 144.06 1296.54
12 13.0 109.77 1317.24
18 13.0 75.52 1359.36
24 13.0 58.43 1402.32

This table shows different banks and the respective EMI options based on the product price. This is for indicative purposes only, your EMI payments may differ with total order amount and additional bank charges, if any.

  1. Select your preferred EMI option at the time of payment.
  2. Final EMI is calculated on the total value of your order at the time of payment.
  3. The Bank charges annual interest rates according to the reducing monthly balance. In the monthly reducing cycle, the principal is reduced with every EMI and the interest is calculated on the outstanding balance.
  4. NO processing fee is charged for availing HeathKart's EMI payment option.
  5. In case of cancellation or return, interest charged by the bank till that time will not be refundable under any circumstances. Partial cancellation is allowed.
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HealthKart Advance Weight Loss Combo

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  • HealthKart Weighing Scale, Black Free
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MRP:Rs. 2750.0
Price:Rs. 1229
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(EMI starts from Rs. 58.43)
Earn HK Cash Rs. 31
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  • Advanced weight loss combo including Chocolate flavoured SlimShake, SlimTea, Apple Cider Vinegar and Garcinia
  • Saves calories, boosts metabolism and helps eliminate stored up metabolic waste
  • Restricts craving for junk foods, reduces bloating and controls calorie intake
  • Weaves in with lifestyle to give effective and measurable results

HealthKart Advanced Weight Loss Combo includes Chocolate flavoured SlimShake, SlimTea, Apple Cider Vinegar and Garcinia. This exclusive combo saves calories, boosts metabolism. Additionally, it also works as a potent detox regime and cleans stored up metabolic waste in your body.

How to Use:

  • Start your day with HealthKart Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix it in lukewarm water and have it on an empty stomach to keep your metabolism active. Acetic acid in Apple Cider Vinegar reduces bloating and increases insulin sensitivity.
  • 20-30 minutes after your apple cider vinegar infused drink, you can have HealthKart SlimTea instead of your regular tea. Enriched with antioxidants, HealthKart SlimTea works as a perfect pick-me-up drink without extra calories.
  • Before your lunch you should have a capsule of HealthKart Garcinia, repeat before evening snack. Follow up your snack with HealthKart SlimTea.
  • Wind up your day with HealthKart SlimShake instead of your dinner. The last meal being the lightest is easy on your stomach and keeps extra calories at bay.

HealthKart Apple Cider Vinegar

  • HealthKart Apple Cider Vinegar with ‘Mother’ is 100% pure and unpasteurized vinegar
  • Naturally fermented from Himalayan apples, HealthKart ACV helps in weight management
  • Apple Cider Vinegar has potent antioxidants like vitamin C, B-vitamins, antioxidants and acetic acid
  • Helps treat a cough, cold and improves flexibility of the joints

Serving Suggestion

Mix 10ml of HealthKart Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of warm water. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.

HealthKart Slim Tea

  • HealthKart SlimTea is a delicious honey-lemon flavoured beverage for weight management
  • The natural goodness of green coffee, green tea, garcinia cambogia and honey extracts refreshes and revitalises instantly
  • Promotes body's metabolism and is helpful in supporting weight loss
  • Helps improve the body’s fat burning ability and boosts overall wellbeing

Serving Suggestion

Mix a scoop (5g) in a cup of hot or cold water. Stir well and enjoy.

HealthKart Garcinia

  • Contains 100% natural Garcinia extracts to curb appetite
  • 60% HCA helps reduce body fat and boosts metabolism
  • Decreases belly fat by blocking conversion of carbs into fats
  • Increases feeling of fullness and reduces junk food cravings
  • Helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level

Serving Suggestion

Take one capsule twice a day, half an hour before meals.

HealthKart SlimShake

  • Rich chocolate flavoured shake offers 19.5g proteins, 4.8g fibres, 27 vitamins and minerals per serving
  • Convenient way to save 700 calories vis-a-vis a regular meal
  • Well balanced nutrition keeps full for 4-5 hours

Serving Suggestion

Mix in a shaker or blender 40g (2 scoops) HealthKart Slim Shake mix in 300ml skimmed milk. Replace a meal to lose/maintain weight