Herbs WellBeing Livozyl,  60 tablet(s)  - Pack of 2

Herbs WellBeing Livozyl, 60 tablet(s) - Pack of 2

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  • Strengthens your liver
  • Provides protection against liver disorders
  • Stimulates appetite and enhances liver functions

Herbs WellBeing Livozyl tablets contain a perfect blend of hepatoprotective, antiviral and cholagogue herbs that help in promoting the health of your liver. By its multi-faceted actions, these tablets provide protection to your liver while reducing the risk of various liver disorders. These tablets are beneficial in toxic metabolic hepatic damage, drug-induced hepatitis and hepato billiary disorders. Additionally, these are effective in alcoholic liver disorders as well. Intake of this supplement can stimulate your appetite and maintain the proper functioning of liver. These natural tablets are made of liver protecting herbs, like mahatikta, bhumyaamlaki, bhringraj etc. So, try Herbs WellBeing Livozyl tablets to maintain and promote the health of your liver to lead a healthy life.