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Himalaya Haridra,  60 capsules  - Pack of 4
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Himalaya Haridra, 60 capsules - Pack of 4

Rs. 440
Rs. 440.0
  • Anti-inflammatory herb
  • Soothes allergic respiratory diseases
  • Hepatoprotective
  • Neuroprotective
  • Cytoprotective

All-in One Herb

Twice a day, one capsule gives you 400mg extract of Haridra each that works on your system, maintaining overall well-being.  It relieves you from flatulence and also enhances the complexion and skin tone. Apart from that, this herb helps lowering cholesterol, decreases gastric acid secretion, increases the mucin content of gastric juices and exerts gastroprotective effects against stress-, alcohol- and drug-induced ulcer formation.
Further, it is a natural blood detoxifier that enhances skin complexion and sooths skin issues. Rich in antioxidants, Haridra reduces oxidative stress and flushes the toxins.