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Himalaya Shatavari 60 tablet(s) - Pack of 3

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Price:Rs. 405
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  • Ideal health supplement for women
  • Have gastro protective properties
  • Strengthens immunity system
  • Regulates hormonal secretion

Enhance your overall health and strengthen your immunity with Himalaya Shatavari capsules. It isThese capsules are  an ideal health supplement for women.

These capsules that  have an ability to support fertility and vitality. They  also effectively regulate hormonal secretion and act as a galactogogue in women who are lactating. They are also found to be supportive of normal lymphocyte levels and immune system function. Regular use of this medicine will also help to support normal digestive function.

These capsules are made from “Shatavari” which  which is a climber found in Himalayan region in india. Traditionally it was eaten as a  sweetmeat. It wasis  known to be very beneficial for nursing mothers becauseas  it supportsed normal production of breast milk. In some places, its fresh juice of the root mixed with honey is consumed to get effective results. It is topically used in lots of medicine oils as well becausesince  it is known to have cooling and soothing properties.

It restores hormonal imbalance in women who suffer from premenstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms. They also help to enhance fertility and regulate the menstrual cycle. It will effectively boost postpartum health and increase the production of milk in nursing mothers because it has an estrogenic effect on the female mammary glands and reproductive system.