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Just Nutrition Casein Chocolate - Pack of 3 1.1 lb
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Just Nutrition Casein Chocolate - Pack of 3 1.1 lb

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  • Provides nourishment to your muscles for long
  • Supports weight loss by making you feel full
  • Helps build lean muscles and improves muscle strength

Casein is a slow-digesting protein. So it provides nourishment to your muscles for long duration. After strenuous workouts, your muscles become week and tend to break down. Being a slow-release protein, Just Nutrition Casein provides strength to your muscles and improves muscles recovery post workout, thus reducing muscle loss. This helps in maintaining your hard-earned muscles, helping you retain a muscular body. This supplement is suitable to be taken when you remain without food for long or before you go to bed so that the protein gets enough time to get digested and show its effects on muscle recovery and muscle protein synthesis. This makes it a better choice as a pre-bed snack as it takes long to digest and provides nutrients to your muscles while you are asleep. Additionally, intake of this supplement makes you feel full and reduces your cravings for unhealthy food, thus helping you lose weight. So, try this Just Nutrition Casein for a strong, muscular body.