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MB Fuel One Weight Gainer 5 kg & Sipper Bottle & Test Pro (Natural Testosterone Booster) Combo

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MB Fuel One Weight Gainer 5 kg & Sipper Bottle & Test Pro (Natural Testosterone Booster) Combo

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Product Details
  • MuscleBlaze® Test Pro is a scientifically dosed capsule of proven herbal extracts for improving testosterone level in men
  • MuscleBlaze® Test Pro serves potent extracts of herbs and a micro-nutrient, such as Fenugreek , Safed Musali, Ashwagandha (Withania, Gokhru , Talmakhana and Boron
  • Calories in abundance: A healthy weight gain depends greatly on a healthy dosage of calories every day. MB Fuel One Weight Gainer provides 1401kcal per day to fuel your muscles
  • Premium Quality Protein: The bulking process is aided by including a much-needed amount of protein in your diet. MB Fuel One Weight Gainer accomplishes the aim by providing up to 52.5gm of protein from every three servings to help build lean muscle mass
  • MuscleBlaze Sipper Bottle, Yellow & Black 500 ml
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MuscleBlaze Test Pro (Natural Testosterone Booster), 60 capsules Unflavoured Sold by: Bright Lifecare Pvt Ltd. Fulfilled by MuscleBlaze
Manufacturer: Zeon Life Sciences Ltd., Healthcare Division-II, Village Kunja, Rampur Road, Paonta Sahib-173025(H.P) India
Brand: MuscleBlazeMB Fuel One Weight Gainer, 11 lb Chocolate Sold by: Bright Lifecare Pvt Ltd. Fulfilled by MB Fuel One
Manufacturer: Sapiens Labs, Village Dhana Bagbania, P.O. Manpura,Tehsil Nalagarh , Solan (Himachal Pradesh), 174101
Brand: MB Fuel OneMuscleBlaze Sipper Bottle, Yellow & Black 500 ml Sold by: Bright Lifecare Pvt Ltd. Fulfilled by MuscleBlaze
Manufacturer: Rcube International, Building No.32, Central Market, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi-52, Contact: 98107 13475, Email: [email protected]
Brand: MuscleBlaze
Customer Care Details:
Contact: 0124-461-64444
Grievance Officer:
Brahm Rishi Sharma
Designation: General Manager - Customer Service
Contact: 0124-4616444

MuscleBlaze Test Pro (Natural Testosterone Booster), 60 capsules Unflavored 

After the age of 30, there is a steady decline in the testosterone levels of men. This hormone has a significant role to play in your athletic abilities and is responsible for improving strength and stamina in men. 
Natural testosterone boosters are extremely important nutritional support for men who are in the third decade of their lives. These supplements are required to improve performance, strength and focus when you are trying to achieve your fitness goals. Muscleblaze test pro is one of the highest used natural testosterone boosters and is recommended by several athletes and bodybuilders. 
Muscleblaze Test Pro Reviews
Muscleblaze test pro is a powerful blend of natural ingredients that help increase the testosterone levels in the body in the safest way possible. There are several benefits of using this supplements such as: 
  • A unique blend of Natural Ingredients: MuscleBlaze test pro contains several herbal extracts such as fenugreek, ashwagandha, and safed musali that naturally improve the testosterone levels in men. It also contains micronutrients such as Boron. 
  • Better Muscle Strength: Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for developing muscular strength in men. This supplement when combined with a good diet and training program can help improve endurance as well as strength quite significantly. 
  • Improved Performance: Testosterone levels determine your energy level as well. Testosterone boosters help improve your energy levels and therefore, improve your performance in each training session as well.  
  • Effective Fat Loss: Testosterone is responsible for effective fat burning in men. It is this hormone which is responsible for lower fat levels in men when compared to women. You will notice the difference within a few days of taking this supplement. 
  • Better Libido: Testosterone is the male hormone that is responsible for healthy libido. It also helps curb several factors like anxiety and stress that are often responsible for lower libido in men. 

How to Consume?

You may consume up to two capsules each day. Make sure that you consult a physician for the recommended dosage for your body. 

When to Consume?

The best time to consume MuscleBlaze Test Pro is first thing in the morning or with your breakfast and just before going to bed. This helps you get maximum benefits from these products.

Where to Buy?

For the best deals on MuscleBlaze Test Pro, it is best to purchase it online on HealthKart. This is also a more convenient option that allows you to compare several products before purchasing. 

MuscleBlaze - From The Manufacturer

MuscleBlaze is known as one of India’s leading Sports Nutrition Company. Its prime focus is to offer the best bodybuilding supplements like Whey, Gainers, Weight Gainers, Pre-workout and more. 
Founded in 2012, MuscleBlaze has become synonymous with product quality, authenticity and cutting-edge performance at the best price. This is possible due to their stringent adherence to source the purest ingredients and uses quality processes –all this to guarantee authentic products, every time. 
They source raw material from genuine vendors and manufactures. The end product is made at FSSAI, HACCP – a certified state-of-the-art plant, to ensure MuscleBlaze is the best sports supplement brand. 
The aim of MuscleBlaze is to bring forward international grade of fitness supplements in India. This focus and passion resulted in MuscleBlaze Whey Gold - one of India’s best protein supplement.
MuscleBlaze has many products in their range, including:
  • MuscleBlaze Whey Protein
  • MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer 
  • MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer 
  • MuscleBlaze BCAA and more…
To create a path-breaking formulation with unmatched taste, MuscleBlaze ensures to manufacture its products under the guidance of best pharmaceutical experts. It continues to delight their customers with great resulting supplements that are known for their best flavors. 

Customer Satisfaction

MuscleBlaze Protein supplements undergo strict quality checks before it reaches you. To provide more power and quality protein, MuscleBlaze not only takes purity seriously but also guarantees it. 
MuscleBlaze is your trusted fitness partner, as it takes a lot for a supplement to become a MuscleBlaze supplement. 

Product Authenticity

MuscleBlaze is the only brand that empowers fitness enthusiasts to verify the authenticity of their purchase via SMS. Every product has a unique, non-duplicable code. The consumer can simply punch their unique code at the authentication section and send it to themselves via SMS. 

Where To Find MuscleBlaze Products?

If you are looking for best Whey Protein, Weight Gainer, and Pre-workout supplements online, visit Apart from it, also offers genuine MuscleBlaze Supplements Online
In order to ensure the product authenticity, you can also scan the QR Code of MuscleBlaze Supplements purchased from HealthKart. Or you can visit the nearest HealthKart store to purchase the best Whey protein brands and other top supplement brands.
MuscleBlaze Fuel One Weight Gainer is the perfect solution for your weight gain woes. A product that has been formulated to assist you in gaining a healthy weight while maintaining your overall health.
By offering up to 1401kcal, this weight gainer ensures that you keep on top of your calorie needs. You can be sure you'll be hitting it hard during your exercises when you are loaded on 281.4 gms of high-quality carbohydrates. Along with serving a massive 52.5 gm of protein for your muscle-building process, the inclusion of Whey Protein concentrate ensures strong recovery after a solid workout session. 
With potent digestion enzymes, MB Fuel One Weight Gainer facilitates nutrient absorption. As a bonus, the strength of 27 vitamins and minerals is combined in MB Fuel One Weight Gainer to boost your performance, considerably increase your weight, and improve your overall health.
Oh, and the icing on the cake is that it comes in a delectable chocolate taste.
  • 52.5 gm Protein: Protein is essential if you are trying to gain weight. It is as simple as that. MB Fuel One Weight Gainer contains 52.5 gm of protein to help you fulfil your daily protein needs and adds to enhanced muscle building, recovery, and strength.
  • 281.4 gm Carbs: A healthy weight gain demands a high-calorie diet. What better than a source of carbs that serves you 281.4gm. Fuel up on a great dosage of high-quality carbs and aid your weight gain journey. You can expect MB Fuel One Weight Gainer to enhance your energy and promote muscle synthesis with a daily dosage of 1401kcal.
  • 27 Vitamins and Minerals: It is enriched with 27 vitamins and minerals, making MB Fuel One Weight Gainer a bounty for the taking. Add the MB Fuel One Weight Gainer to your workout and see how it improves your energy and performance.
  • Benefits of Digestive Enzymes: Regardless of what you consume, unless the nutrients are properly absorbed, weight gain will be difficult. Thankfully, MB Fuel One Weight Gainer has the goodness of digestive enzymes & dietary fibres that improve digestion, absorption and promote healthy weight gain.
How to use MB Fuel One Weight Gainer
Add 2 level scoops(100gm) in 300 ml milk and blend vigorously till uniform mixing is achieved in the blender. 
Consume 3 servings in a day

MuscleBlaze Sipper Bottle, Yellow & Black 500 ml


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