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MuscleBlaze Super Gainer Black 2 kg & Peanut Butter 340g Combo

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MuscleBlaze Super Gainer Black 2 kg & Peanut Butter 340g Combo

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Product Details
Product Details
  • MB Protein Peanut Butter is now available in dark chocolate flavour. Exotic & delectable dark chocolate meets creamy and nutritious peanut butter to give you a heavenly experience of snacking
  • With 27g protein this product is a great source of protein for fulfilling your daily protein needs
  • MB Protein Peanut Butter is a rich creamy and pleasant experience of nutrition that is enriched with premium quality whey protein concentrate to offer you maximum benefits
  • MuscleBlaze Super Gainer Black is a science backed gaining supplement designed for serious mass gains and advanced muscle building goals.
  • MB Super Gainer Black is infused with the scientifically engineered patent pending Enhanced Gaining Formula (EGF) which makes it a standout product in the field of gaining supplements. EGF is a formula of three potent blends to boost your gaining pursuits by supplying appetite stimulators, digestive aids and testosterone boosters
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MuscleBlaze High Protein Peanut Butter, 0.340 kg Dark Chocolate Creamy Sold by: Bright Lifecare Pvt Ltd. Fulfilled by MuscleBlaze
Manufacturer: United Foods, Rampara Road, Near FIvestar Dehydration, Bhavnagar, Talaja, Gujarat 364140
Brand: MuscleBlazeMuscleBlaze Super Gainer Black, 4.4 lb Chocolate Sold by: Bright Lifecare Pvt Ltd. Fulfilled by MuscleBlaze
Manufacturer: Sapiens Labs, Village Dhana Bagbania, P.O. Manpura,Tehsil Nalagarh , Solan (Himachal Pradesh), 174101
Brand: MuscleBlaze
Customer Care Details:
Contact: 0124-461-64444
Grievance Officer:
Brahm Rishi Sharma
Designation: General Manager - Customer Service
Contact: 0124-4616444

Level Up Fitness With MuscleBlaze Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a high-protein delight. Made from roasted ground peanuts, it is a rich source of proteins and delivers a wide range of micronutrients. MB protein peanut butter 0.340 kg Dark Chocolate Creamy is the market leader when it comes to the fusion of nutrition and taste. Here’s what makes Muscleblaze peanut butter the obvious pick:

A Complete Overview

MuscleBlaze is a well-recognised sports nutrition brand. Established in 2012, the company is committed to delivering high-quality health supplements to fitness lovers across the country. Marked as an industry-first concept introducer, it is our constant endeavour to provide international-grade fitness supplements that level up stamina and results.

MuscleBlaze has the most amazing product lineup. It includes a diverse protein range, gainers, pre and post-workout nutrition and fit foods. MuscleBlaze muesli, oats and peanut butter are an obvious inclusion for fitness freaks. MB protein peanut butter 0.340 kg Dark Chocolate Creamy

is amongst the best-rated peanut butter known for its high nutrition, creamy texture and rich chocolaty taste. 

Delivering 27% protein per serving, it packs more than 35% protein when compared to other peanut butter brands. Here are the amazing health benefits it offers:

Health Benefits

MuscleBlaze peanut butter protein 0.340 kg Dark Chocolate Creamy is a protein-rich formula. It offers the following health benefits:

  • Protein Rich - MuscleBlaze peanut butter is made using the finest quality peanuts. Each 32 g serving of peanut butter delivers 27g of protein. This helps fulfil the body’s daily protein needs.
  • Imported Whey Protein - The formula includes premium quality whey protein concentrate. This enhances protein power and maximises benefits. This supports extended workout sessions for better results.  
  • Careful Creation - The high protein spread is prepared from the finest quality peanuts. The handpicked ground peanuts are 100% roasted at the right temperature. This helps keep the nutrition, taste, and aroma intact. 
  • No Added Preservatives - MuscleBlaze peanut butter protein 0.340 kg Dark Chocolate Creamy is a safe and authentic formula. It delivers the healthiest nutrition without any added salt or preservatives. 
  • Exotic Taste - Dark chocolate flavour is one of the most preferred ones. Its enticing taste and rich aroma give an instant energy boost. 
  • Creamy Texture - MuscleBlaze peanut butter is known for its melt-in-the-mouth texture. The creamy texture in every bite makes every serving delightful.
  • All-Day Indulgence - MuscleBlaze peanut butter can be a part of any meal or snack. Use it as a breakfast meal, a mid-meal snack, a pre or post-workout nutrition or a simple way to cut down unwanted cravings. 

When To Consume

MuscleBlaze peanut butter can be consumed at any time of the day. It supports an all-day indulgence formula which means it can make up for a perfect bread spread for breakfast or an evening snack. Peanut butter helps curb unwanted cravings and avoid unhealthy munching. Its use as a pre-workout snack promises an energy boost and improved performance, whereas, when used as a post-workout snack, it helps in muscle recovery and reduces muscle fatigue. The peanut butter can be used in different ways - consume it directly, use it as a bread spread, or add it to a protein shake or in a smoothie.

Nutrition Facts

MuscleBlaze peanut butter protein 0.340 kg Dark Chocolate Creamy packs the highest ts of protein. Its nutrition information is as under:

Every serving size of MuscleBlaze peanut butter measures 32 g ( 2 tbsp). Nutrition information for quantity/100 g of serving is as under:

  • Energy - 565 kcal
  • Protein- 26.66 g
  • Carbohydrates - 31.34 g
  • Fat - 38.8 g


The manufacturing process of MuscleBlaze peanut butter includes a series of steps. The ingredients include:

  • Roasted peanuts (55%)
  • Dark Chocolate paste 
  • Whey Protein Concentrate (10%)
  • Stabiliser (INS 471)
  • Contains added flavour
  • Contains allergens Soy and Milk Derivatives
  • May contain traces of tree nuts (

Precautions To Take When Consuming

MuscleBlaze peanut butter protein 0.340 kg Dark Chocolate Creamy can be consumed every day. It is a healthy way to boost energy levels, enhance endurance and improve results. The product is fully tested and certified for purity, safety and authenticity. The use of the product is generally well-tolerated. However, people who are allergic to peanuts or soy must avoid the use of the product. Also, it is important to restrict the daily recommended dose. Overconsumption of peanut butter can manifest stomach concerns. A few other precautions to keep in mind are:

  • Peanut butter must be stored in a cool and dry place
  • Peanut butter must be stored away from direct sunlight
  • Ensure that the lid is tightly closed to avoid a reaction with the air
  • Do not store peanut butter in the freezer
  • People diagnosed with medical conditions must consult their doctor before using peanut butter
  • Do not consume the contents after the use-by date. 

Why To Buy MuscleBlaze High Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter 0.340 kg

MuscleBlaze peanut butter is a high-protein formula. Its use in daily diet helps fulfil the body’s daily protein needs. It has a rich creamy texture and yummy chocolaty taste. MuscleBlaze peanut butter is the most nutritious. MuscleBlaze High Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter 0.340 kg packs 27 g of protein per serving.  It is rated as the best-fit food in the category and an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts, regular gym goers, runners, and health seekers. 

It packs 35% more protein as compared to other peanut butter brands. It improves energy levels and enhances muscle strength. The formula confers a high satiating effect. This is helpful in weight loss. Every MuscleBlaze High Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter 0.340 kg pack provides almost 10 servings of 32 g each. This makes it a comfortable pack size. 



Those who embrace the grind of bodybuilding every day know that they need to crush one goal after another and keep going till the next one is reached. Advanced ambitions necessitate an advanced supplement that is as powerful and dedicated to your goals as you are. MB Super Gainer ‘Black’ is engineered to deliver mighty gains to those individuals who go above and beyond in their relentless pursuit of bigger muscles.

The premium quality that MB Super Gainer Black brings in its protein is unrivalled. With a generous 58.5g protein in 3 servings with milk, this gainer is bound to give you incredible returns on your daily workout efforts in the form of great muscle recovery and superior muscle building. It also offers a whopping 1386 calories that keeps you fuelled up on energy for muscle growth.

MB Super Gainer Black gives you the extra edge in your gaining journey beyond protein and calories. A lack of appetite, poor digestion, and low testosterone levels can all impact your gains. As a result, the Enhanced Gaining Formula™ (EGF™) was born. A scientifically created patent pending formula that maximises growth while also combating weight gain issues. EGF™ is formulated with Testosterone Boosters, Appetite Stimulators, and Digestion Enhancers. All factors considered; this is a potent trio that aids healthy weight gain. 

A daily dose of healthy calories from the supplement and more from a healthy diet won’t be daunting for the stomach when you have the ‘Digestion Blend’ to take care of it.
  • Prebiotic & Probiotics: Promote the growth of healthy bacteria, maintain a healthy gut flora and enhances anti-inflammatory response
  • Digestive Enzymes- Contains of enzymes such as Amylases, Lactase & Proteases. Helps break down complex molecules into simpler ones for easy nutrient absorption. With improved digestion, great gains follow.
  • 1200mg Ashwagandha: Improves testosterone levels, increases muscle size, and boosts muscle recovery post-workout
  • 1110mg Tribulus Terrestris: Promotes protein synthesis and boosts testosterone levels for increased lean muscle growth
  • 750mg Safed Musli: Improves metabolism, supports muscle growth, and reduces oxidative stress
  • 150mg Fenugreek Extracts: Naturally increase strength, muscle mass, and testosterone levels
Hunger and muscular growth go hand in hand. Everyday blazing sessions of pumping iron at the gym necessitate the need for a healthy appetite to fuel your body with good quality calories. It’s a blend designed to keep your appetite piqued for more muscle.
  • Fennel & Jeera Extract- Stimulates healthy appetite
  • BioPerine ®- Increases nutrient absorption, stimulates appetite, and facilitates digestion




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