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MuscleBlaze Whey + BCAA Stack (Whey Active)

MuscleBlaze Whey + BCAA Stack (Whey Active)

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MuscleBlaze Whey Active + BCAA Stack is a specially formulated stack to enhance your energy level and support quick muscle recovery. MuscleBlaze Whey Active is a blend of concentrated and isolate forms of whey proteins that considerably reduce the chances of protein breakdown while exercising, ensuring that your muscles stay in an anabolic mode. The fast-releasing action of this whey protein aids in the better absorption of protein. It fastens the recovery of muscle tissues from fatigue and soreness, and helps increase muscle mass at a much faster. On the other hand, MuscleBlaze BCAA containing 6000mg of branch chained amino acids in each serving can help you go that extra mile while performing intensive workout sessions at the gym. Consuming it while working out may help you meet the amino acid loss occurred during heavy workout sessions.

MuscleBlaze Whey Active

Helps gain lean muscle mass and reduce muscle tissue loss

Specially formulated to increases the energy level of your body

Speeds up the muscle recovery process

MuscleBlaze BCAA

Specially formulated supplement for quick muscle recovery

Enhances protein synthesis to increase muscle strength

Helps you meet the amino acid loss occurred during heavy workouts

Stacking them together will help you in quick muscle recovery.