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Organic India Tulsi Tea, Sweet Rose 18 Piece(s)/Pack - Pack of 4
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Organic India Tulsi Tea, Sweet Rose 18 Piece(s)/Pack - Pack of 4

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  • Integrated with the fragrance of sweet rose
  • Refreshes and soothes your internal organs and body thoroughly
  • Stimulates immune system and increases stamina
  • Invigorating tea to enhance overall health

Sweet Rose Tulsi tea from Organic India is enriched with tulsi leaves, essence of rose petals and other ingredients to relieve stress related health issues and adds positivity to your life. Since, today’s modern world has gifted abundant stress which opens a door to  several diseases and difficulty. Thus, common health issues like, depression, stress and infections are increasing . If you are looking for a remedy for these sorts of issues, Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea is the best choice. It is highly recommended for all and secure to use.

Enhance your immunity with each cup of Tea

Due to arich source of antioxidants, this helps to lower symptoms of cold , control blood sugar levels, stabilize blood pressure count, and manage cholesterol levels. This intensifies the immune system for improved metabolism, promotes digestion and supports you to remain active throughout the day. This tea helps you in  relaxing  completely and prevent  stress,  lower  anxiety and depression . It acts as a remedy to mood swings, assures glowing skin and avoids early signs of ageing. If you want to protect yourselves from stress disorders, get Organic India Tulsi Tea, 18 piece(s)/pack Sweet Rose to increase your endurance and maintain overall health.