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Protinex Original 0.55lb Chocolate - Pack of 5
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Protinex Original 0.55lb Chocolate - Pack of 5

Rs. 1418
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  • Helps in muscle development and strengthens bones
  • Increases body's strength and stamina
  • Enhances immunity and protects from diseases
  • Improves overall health

Protinex Original is a protein-based drink which helps in improving your health. This drink contains a combination of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The essential amino acids are useful in enhancing immune strength and protect you from various diseases. This drink also helps in muscle development and increases bone strength. In addition to the above, the blend of vitamins in Protinex Original is helpful in improving vision, regulating mood and delaying premature ageing. In addition to this, regular consumption of this drink helps in promoting cardiovascular health and preventing depression. Hence, the Protinex Original is great way to enhance your overall health.