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The human body needs an adequate amount of protein in order to thrive. Nowadays, people are opting for vegan protein, plant protein, or vegetable protein because of their numerous benefits such as they boost metabolism, improve digestion, are good for cardiovascular health, contain no added hormones and antibiotics, and are complete protein sources and contain the 9 essential amino acids. Vegan protein is not only good for your overall health but it can also help you achieve your bodybuilding goals and is beneficial for weight loss too. Some of the best selling vegan protein powders that HealthKart offers are bGREEN Plant Protein by MuscleBlaze, Amway Nutrilite All Plant Protein, BodyFirst 100% Vegan Plant Protein, Kapiva Vegan Protein, Pure Nutrition Vegan Protein, Plant Power 100% Naked Plant Protein, IN2 Plant Protein, and Terra Origin Plant Powder.

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Plant protein: The Ultimate Supplement For Vegan Fitness Enthusiasts

Vegan products are plant-based supplements. But it is not necessary that all plant based products are vegan. A plant based diet includes the option of using  animal based products or not.  Some of the plant based supplements have non vegan ingredients like honey.  Here you will get vegan proteins only.

Best Selling Plant Proteins

Plant based protein powders are ideal for people who want to increase their protein intake. Protein powders come from flax, chia, brown rice, pumpkin seed, hemp and pea. All plant derived supplements are a versatile option. It is especially for the people who are sensitive to dairy based protein powders like whey. This is a great way for those who want to add easily digestible and high quality protein to their diet. The best plant based protein powders also contain some beneficial ingredients. Some of them are omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and probiotics.

MuscleBlaze bGreen Plant Protein

MuscleBlaze bGreen Plant Protein is a protein supplement made with pea protein and rice blend. It provides 4.5g of BCAAs, 25g of plant protein and 9.8g of EAAs per serving. Also contains bromelain and papain enzymes. They allow quick protein absorption and better digestion. Antioxidants present in plant based protein prevent cell damage and support muscle recovery. It doesn’t contain any artificial sweetener, added sugar, soy, and dairy ingredients.

Plix 100% Plant Protein Strength

Plix 100% Plant Protein Strength is a perfect blend of brown rice protein, and pea protein isolate. It contains 25g of complete plant protein, 0g of sugar, and 5g of BCAA. A perfect supplement for people who want to fulfill their daily protein requirements. Also good for your entire family irrespective of the age.

Amway Nutrilite All Plant Protein

This is a 100% Vegan protein sourced from wheat, soy, and yellow pea. It contains 9 essential amino acids and each serving gives you 8g of protein. It has no added sugar, lactose-free and is easy to digest. Overall, this supplement is perfect to maintain and rebuild cells and tissues.

BodyFirst 100% Vegan Plant Protein

Looking for the best vegan protein powder? BodyFirst 100% Plant Protein is the right choice. It is a low calorie, vegan protein for those who want to meet their protein requirements and level up their energy levels. You can enjoy this product without worrying about anything.  It doesn’t contain any flavors or preservatives or sweeteners.

IN2 Plant Protein

IN2 Plant Protein contains 25g of protein from brown rice and peas in 100g protein powder. It is a perfect source of vitamin-A, powerful natural antioxidants, digestive enzymes, probiotic bacteria and omega-3 fatty acids. This supplement is perfect for your fitness regimen, weight watchers and also keeps the hunger pangs at bay. Overall, it is a perfect super food for all your nutrition needs. You can add this protein to your smoothie or baking recipes.

Pure Nutrition Vegan Protein

This supplement contains the complete protein with all the essential amino acids. It has BCAA’s, high in omega-3 fatty acids and supports the cardiovascular system. It has easily digestible and quick muscle repair properties. Also contains zero added sugar, unwanted ingredients, and preservatives. For maximizing health benefits, it uses non-GMO ingredients.


What are plant protein supplements?

Plant protein supplements are manufactured using vegetables and pulses. These vegan protein supplements are as good as whey protein or any other type of protein supplements. Types of vegan protein supplements:

  • Pea protein
  • Soy protein
  • Brown rice protein
  • Pumpkin seed protein
  • Sunflower seed protein
  • Sacha Inchi protein
  • Plant protein blends
  • Chia protein

What are the best sources of plant protein?

You can easily get protein from a vegan diet. Some of the best sources of plant protein; chia seeds, tofu, quinoa, hemp seeds, peanut butter powder, brown rice, and oats.

How much plant based protein do I need?

To meet the protein recommendations, follow the protein intake. 

  • An active adult male vegan:  2.2 to 2.6 g of protein per 100 calories.
  • An active adult female vegan:  2.3 to 2.8 g of protein per 100 calories.

What are the benefits of consuming vegan protein?

Here are some of the benefits of consuming all plant protein powder supplements:

  • Regular consumption of vegetable protein can help your body get the requisite amount of protein. It supports muscle growth and development.
  • Nutrients in plant protein supplements support a healthy lifestyle.
  • These supplements are easy to digest.
  • The vegetarian protein supplements are allergy free and available in a variety of flavours. For lactose intolerant vegan protein supplements are the best option.
  • Pea protein supplements can provide your body with a lot of iron. It can help in maintaining the hemoglobin levels.  bGREEN Plant Protein by MuscleBlaze and Plant Power Pea Protein Isolate are best of them.
  • Vegan protein supplements are enriched with antioxidants repair blend. It can support muscle recovery and prevent cell damage.
  • Supplements provide your body with healthy fats. It can help in providing your body with a boost in energy.
  • Protein supplements can help in regulating metabolism rate and suppress appetite. This, in turn, can help in weight management.
  • Regular consumption of plant protein can help in boosting your immune system.

What vegan foods are high in protein?

Healthy vegan food sources of protein offer the highest level of protein to the body. Beans, tofu, green peas, lentils, soy milk, seeds, whole grains, nuts, sweet corn, spinach, mushrooms and peanut butter are some of them. The daily recommended value for protein is 50 grams per day.

Can you lose belly fat on a vegan diet?

Vegan diet is loaded with fiber. It keeps you feeling full, supports gut and heart health, and reduces blood sugar. Also helps you in losing weight and stubborn belly fat.

What vegetables have more protein than meat?

Some vegetables have more protein than meat. Green peas, broccoflower, brussels sprouts, hemp seeds, broccoli, pumpkin, corn and potatoes are some of them.