How to reduce weight by monitoring calories

how to reduce weight

Do you also think that maintaining a healthy calorie count is one difficult task hindering your weight loss goals or weight gain goals? Well not exactly, if you follow simple rules of calorie counting. Trust us when we say that weight management doesn’t require any kind of magical diet program […]

5 Gym Hacks for a Better Workout

To make sure your hard earned money is earning you a hardcore physique, we have some stellar tips to get a better workout. 1. Don’t sit between sets Sitting down makes it easier for your mind to wander. So stay on your feet even if you’re taking a break between […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Lifting Weights

Here’s why you should be lifting weights even if you don’t bother about the size of your biceps: Lifting is good for the gray matter According to some researchers, it’s said that total-body weight workout when done regularly lowers your blood-pressure readings. This eventually reduces the risk of a stroke […]

4 sure shot ways to maximize muscle pump

Looking to increase your muscle gain from your workout? Here are some tips that will work wonders for you: 1. Keep yourself hydrated When you’re well-hydrated, you have greater blood volume and fluid to fill your veins and arteries. This amplifies the pumped-up effect for your muscles. Drink at least […]