5 Gym Hacks for a Better Workout

To make sure your hard earned money is earning you a hardcore physique, we have some stellar tips to get a better workout.

1. Don’t sit between sets
Sitting down makes it easier for your mind to wander. So stay on your feet even if you’re taking a break between your sets. This gives you more total movement, which by itself is a decent benefit.

2. Use free weights more often
By doing so, you use more muscles. The more muscles you work- the more fitness gains you’ll reap. By having to keep your body balanced rather than moving it in one plane of movement like a machine, you train your body for real-life situations.

3. Set concrete goals
Building on things you’ve done before and making goals for things that matter to you is a great way to keep yourself motivated. So always create a goal. It could be getting stronger, leaner or building bigger muscles. You will always do better with a goal than without one.

4. Exercise at off-peak times
If you find yourself waiting for a pair of dumbbells or a treadmill, consider changing your exercise hours. A less crowded gym will help you move much more and you’d get bigger burns in the least amount of time.

5. Follow the right breathing pattern
While strength training, intentionally exhale when lifting and inhale as you return to the starting position. Likewise, while running, inhale for 3 seconds and exhale for 2. This will help your muscles stay oxygenated while distributing its impact evenly between both sides of your body.