Anyone can get a six-pack – the magic trick behind fat loss

Anyone can get a six pack. YES. Do leg raises and crunches for a while – and I’m 101% sure you’ll get a six-pack. The only problem is it won’t show. Why, because more often than not there is a thick layer of abdominal fat hiding your six-pack. What will show is a curved belly or what we call a one-pack which hides away your true six-pack. Unfortunately, removing that layer of fat is what takes so long for them abs to show.

Many people ask me for exercises to reduce abdominal fat. I end up telling them that “spot reduction” (reduction of fat from only one part of the body) is a myth. I’ve listened to people say they’re going crazy doing leg raises and crunches but they can’t get six-pack abs.

You’d be surprised to know but your abdominal muscles are probably the easiest muscles to get in to shape. Mostly because more than one exercise requires your core body to work (i.e. your abs) which keeps building your ab muscles in the process. The hard part is making your body so lean that your muscle definition is actually shows. That’s where dear ab-seekers, fat loss comes into play.

Now there have been books written on fat loss, lives dedicated to this godly concept, papers published and one thousand supplements developed to do the trick for you. But today I’m going to share a shortcut technique with you. Sounds exciting? Keep reading.

Now if I kept writing about fat loss, this article would go on and on so I’m going to give you a few well known tips and a few secrets which aren’t that popular but work like magic. Here you’ll just have to take them with a pinch of salt as I’m not going to explain the reason why what I’m saying makes sense. I’m just going to give you the hard facts with very brief explanation, the to-do list, spoon-feed you if you are willing to follow.

I learned these tricks from a lot of research, study, discussion and of course personal experience. The first time I had a breakthrough fat loss – I lost 4″ off my waist in 3 months – (yes that’s a very good speed and I made a note of my measurements every three days) – I was thrilled as if I had discovered that secret potion, the panacea. Now I can comfortably reduce my body fat anytime I want and the secrets go like this:

1. Exercise is 25% important, Diet is 75% important

If you’re a lazy fellow like me, who likes to put in the minimum effort for the maximum results, this is good news for you. Pay much more attention to your diet – eat healthy, low- fat, low-calorie foods; drink a lot of water and avoid sugar. Exercise is important, but the amount of effort you will need to get the same result by exercise is vastly different than if you control your diet along with exercise. You might run 10 miles every day and you end up burring 300-500 calories. You can avoid stocking up on those calories by not eating a chocolate ice cream – as simple.

2. Protein Protein Protein

Love protein. Go crazy after protein. Not only for building muscle, but also for losing weight. There is no better nutrient than protein. Eat all protein-rich foods and shun all fried or fatty foods. Try having protein shakes to replace meals – that is the best form of nutrition ever. (Protein blends work best here). This is also important because when you’re trying to cut fat, you inevitably lose muscle as the body breaks down protein. To keep muscle intact and to lose fat, high-protein, low-fat diet is what it takes.

3. Metabolism is the key 

Your metabolism (the basic processes that go on in your body) require energy. For that purpose, the body keeps using stored fat, glycogen and sometimes even muscle. You’d want to keep this metabolic rate be high so that your body keeps burning fat even while you’re not working; even when you’re sleeping. To increase your metabolic rate, many fat loss supplements are available which will help you lose fat much faster than you could otherwise. Weight training keeps your metabolism high for a longer time than cardio exercises – so do muscle training as frequently as possible. Increasing muscle size also leads to higher metabolism – so if you have bigger muscles, you’ll lose fat faster.

4. Myths about “dieting” and the hidden secret

Million of fat-loss diets will be available on the internet or from nutrition specialists. But what most people forget is the effect dieting or a low-calorie diet has on metabolism – it slows metabolism down. Your body is smart and highly evolved. As soon as it detects that sufficient calories are not being supplied, it starts to slow down its processes and thus uses lesser energy,  making your fat loss process slower. So how do you fool your body?

Fooling your body 

Remember the 3-day-1-day rule? For 3 days, be on a  very strict low-fat, low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet. By low-carbohydrate I mean avoid sugar (or sweets), starchy foods (e.g. potatoes, bread, rice). The next day – let yourself a bit loose. Have a higher amount of carbohydrates. Eat normal food – have bread, root, some sugar. The morning after this day, you will notice serious reductions. Don’t believe me? Try it and see for yourself.

The benefit of this scheme is two-fold. Firstly, that one day of ample carbohydrates brings up metabolic rate to a normal. This way you fool your body for a small amount of time. Its much easier to follow this routine because you know you’ll have a break from dieting every 4th day.
There are 50 other things that should be taken care of that could be mentioned but this will help you for sure like it helped me. So try to add this to your routine for a while and you will see the difference.