Are Supplements Safe? 6 Myths about Supplements Busted

Myths and facts about supplements Myth 1: “Supplements have steroids” This has to be the biggest myth of them all. International supplement companies have millions of users who range from experienced lifters, international sportsmen and athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This ensures that they have a reputation to protect. They’re R and D […]

Why a calorie is not just a calorie?

In addition to the endless Protein Controversies and Carbohydrate and Fat Controversies in the area of nutrition, another long-standing argument has to do with the question of: Is a calorie a calorie? Simply put, the debate comes down to this: is all that matters is caloric balance (calories in versus calories out) […]

The Importance of Drinking Water

One of the most important yet most ignored components of one’s diet is Water. It is called the ‘elixir of life’ for nothing. Apart from body temperature regulation, every metabolic process in the body needs an appreciable amount of water. Hydrating before lifting is also very important. It has many, many essential […]