Getting Fit Without Going to Gym

If you are one of those busy bees who don’t get time to hit a gym then don’t sweat about it anymore. You can still lose weight, get fit and receive all the compliments without going to the gym.

Who says that you have to spend money in gym to lose that excessive weight that’s bulging out on your tummy or thighs? If your extra weight is making you look ugly then these few quick and easy steps which are doable at home can do all the wonder for you. In fact, some of the steps are so easy that you don’t have to find extra time to do them at all. Just incorporate in your normal life and work schedule and get going!

Ways to stay fit without the gym

It does not take regular cardio and vascular exercise regime to stay fit. With the help of few easy exercises or routine workouts you can keep your body in shape and tone it too. What you need to do is stay consistent and just be creative in your household chores.

Food for thought

We all know that with the help of light weight dumbbells available in the market we all can build our muscles at home. But a lot cheaper version of such dumbbells rest in your kitchen itself. Fill kitchen bottles with water and lift them up and down to exercise shoulder and chest muscles. You can increase the level of water in the bottles once you progress.

Dance you way to shape

Ok. Agreed that you don’t like dancing and so you don’t like this idea too. But see the hidden benefits in this simple to do activity. If you opt for salsa, tango, samba, belly dancing or for that matter disco, you not only bid a farewell to excessive weight accumulated in your body but also stand a chance to find a partner, if you are single! And after a cranky day in front of the computer and in endless meetings, nothing beats the blues like popping a hip hop number and just letting yourself loose.

Plan a hike trip

A vacation can always make room in your busy schedule. So plan a hiking trip rather than a stay at an expensive hotel. Get to explore the city, talk to local people and imbibe the city through long walk and hikes. Trekking would of course burn some extra calories.

Some Quick Tips to be fit and fine:

1. Drink ice cold water. The body will burn calories in order to bring the water to room temperature.
2. Start including more protein than carbohydrate or fat in your diet. The body will need extra energy and so will break down accumulated fat to provide that.
3. Walk to the market. Take stairs instead of elevator to tone your body.
4. Swim as much as you can. Swimming is a wonder cardio and is fun too.

All these are easy to do workout that not requires much time or money and you don’t even have to force yourself to do them in order to sweat it out.