How to build your own lean muscle gainer stack

Building your own lean muscle gainer stack is a bit tricky. Concerns like which protein blend to go for, what additional co-factors to add and their dosage may make your head spin at times. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get a better understanding of how to approach the serious business of stacking.

1.    A fast acting protein: Right after a workout, your body needs nutrition to recover, and needs it quickly. At this point, a quickly digestible protein with high bio-availability is needed. Most lifters use whey or egg protein for this purpose; with whey being more dominant due to slightly higher Biological Value (BV), little difference in cost, and convenience.

        When to take: Right after the workout, with simple carbs.


2.    A slow acting protein: Casein is the obvious choice here, with slowest-digesting properties and a great amino acid profile. Good sources of casein are milk, cottage cheese and casein powder blends. Although milk and cottage cheese serve as a great natural source, powder blends are recommended if you are lactose intolerant or get bloated in the morning due to bulking up.

       When to take: At night, before bedtime; take with very low GI carbs, or with no carbs at all.


3.    Low GI carb sources:  Various sorts of lentils, fibrous veggies, oatmeal, and slow- absorbing, complex grain sources work as primary carb sources. Of course, if your lifestyle does not allow for such variety, you may combine fast- acting protein and carb sources with a weight gainer shake that contains both in ample amounts.

      When to take: Anytime during the day; avoid before three hours of sleeping.


4.    Fat sources:  Apart from natural sources such as eggs, meat and milk, essential fatty acids must be consumed in supplementary form to increase testosterone release for more energy and general health.

       When to take: Some form of fats should be consumed through your meals except in the post workout meal, as it might inhibit quick digestion of protein.


5.    Creatine (optional): If you are an intermediate lifter and have had some experience in the gym, you can use creatine for its ATP recycling and muscle synthesis support properties.


6.    BCAAs (optional): BCAAs are a great source in protecting your muscle and keeping your body in an anabolic state.


These are all the supplements you need in your stack to gain muscle and get stronger.

Until next time, eat right, train hard and stay strong!